3 things you need to know before going to Guadalajara

In the city of Guadalajara

In the city of Guadalajara ©Jaec/Flick

With a humid subtropical climate, Guadalajara is an all year around tourist destination, with temperatures rarely rising above 32 °C. The city invites you to travel back in the 16th century, visiting its ancient monuments, parks, fountains. The best time to explore the city is the season of fall (October and November) because this way you can avoid summer rains, cold winter nights and the warm days of spring season.

The famous International Book Fair also known as Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara (FIL) is an annual event hosted by the city. This nine-day event is held on the last Saturday of November each year.

In summer, in the months from July to September there are the most precipitations in the city of Guadalajara and temperatures between 27 and 28 °C. During winter (December-February) the temperature is 21 °C.


The downtown of Guadalajara is mostly accessible by foot. For longer trips or to visit other areas of the city use a bus, the subway or a taxi. There are also horse drawn carriages for downtown trips, addressed to those who wish to travel in the style of the previous century. Dozens of bus routes provide the transportation in the city. Taxis are another option if you don’t want to try traveling by bus.

In the city of Guadalajara

In the city of Guadalajara ©Jaec/Flick

Accommodation possibilities

There are many budget hotels available in the city center of Guadalajara. If you plan to spend more time in downtown, don’t choose an accommodation far from it. It is more convenient to visit the central attractions then walk back on foot to the hotel, rather than looking for a bus to take you to a less central location. Between the hotels here, try to be accommodated in one of the following: the Ibeurohotel situated opposite the Expo Guadalajara offers private indoor parking, cafe, high speed wireless internet and safe; the Quinta Don Jose Boutique Hotel offers rooms, bar, swimming pool and a small restaurant; the Tequila Backpacker Guesthouse offers free breakfast, hot showers and very clean rooms.

Hotel Mendoza in Guadalajara

Hotel Mendoza in Guadalajara ©Wonderlane/Flick


The Tianguis (street markets) in Guadalajara offer the opportunity to buy goods cheaper than in other locations. Tianguis El Baratillo offer from electronics to old coins, toys, DVDs and more. The Mercado Libertad, universally known as Mercado San Juan de Dios also has food, clothing and traditional dresses. The Galerías Plaza is the largest shopping mall in Guadalajara, hosts the largest theater in the city, has several parking areas and shops.

Shopping in Guadalajara

Shopping in Guadalajara ©Jaec/Flick


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