3 things you need to now before visiting Guanajuato

Hostel in Guanajuato

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In the area of Guanajuato predominate two climates. One of them is quite warm and dominates in the south and south-eastern portions of the city. The another one is temperate and dominates the rest of the territory, including the city. In warmer areas, temperatures can reach 36 °C, and in winter is registered 3 °C. The global mean temperature is 18.5 °C, with an average annual rainfall between 600 and 840 mm. The most rainfall is recorded between July and August.

Add a sweater in your luggage when you go in Guanajuato, in the hot season the weather is comfortable throughout the year, but in the evenings can be cold.

View of Guanajuato

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Transport in Guanajuato

Guanajuato is a comfortable city, it can be easily visited on foot. On the other hand, there are plenty of taxis that will go anywhere for a very low price. There is also a very cheap bus service, driven by Sistema Coordinado de Transporte de Guanjuato.

Local transport involves the following average costs: a ticket (local transport) is 6.50 MXN, petrol (1 liter) is 10.00 MXN. The starting charge for a taxi is 37.50 MXN, 1 hour taxi waiting (normal rate) is 150.00 MXN.

Transport in Guanajuato

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Accommodation facilities in Guanajuato

Among the options for accommodation in Guanajuatos, you can choose between: Refugio Cafetin a small hostel located in the pedestrian area, 2 minutes walk from the Teatro Juarez, is clean and cheap and you can live here safely. La Casa del Tio, located in the historical center, offers kitchen, wireless, promotions and clean. Casa Bertha, offers kitchen, wireless, promotions and clean. Hostal del Campanero, offers very clean and has a beautiful architecture, showers are common. La Casa de Dante offers breakfast, hot showers and clean rooms.

Hostel in Guanajuato

Hostel in Guanajuato ©RightIndex/Flick

Shopping and payments in Guanajuato

The Mayol high quality ceramic is made in the city of Guanajuato. In downtown, you will find shops where you can purchase silver and gold jewelry, traditional “pajaritos”. Hand painted pottery is striking: dinner sets, tea sets, flower pots, ceramic pots and traditional shaped pitchers.

If you eat in a restaurant, a cheap meal can cost about 80.00 MXN, a table for two that includes three dishes can cost about 195.00 MXN. The cost of an indigenous beer ( 0.5 liters) is 30.00 MXN, while an imported beer is (0.33 liter bottle ) is 25.00 MXN. The cost of a Cappuccino is 24.00 MXN, a Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle ) costs 9.00 MXN and a mineral water (0.33 liter bottle ) costs 10.00 MXN.


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