5 things you should know before visiting Guaymas

The city of Guaymas from air

The city of Guaymas from air ©fredsharples/Flick

Spring and summer are quite warm seasons in Guaymas, the favorite activities in these seasons include fishing, kayak sailing and snorkeling at Pedro Nolasco, an island near the shore of the Guaymas port.

During September, October and November the rainfall is increased, but all visitors can attend the Calaca Festival at the 1st of November. The winter season starts in December and ends in February. This is a very cold season, and the minimum temperature reaches 18 °C. The Guaymas Carnival starts on the 11th of Febuary.

What should you pack?

When you pack for you holiday in Guaymas, add to you bag season appropriate clothes according to the season of your trip. Pack the medicines prescribed by your doctor and do not forget your camera, which is really necessary in such a vacation.

Beach in Guaymas

Beach in Guaymas ©mickou/Flick

Payments in Guaymas

The currency used in Guaymas is the Mexican Peso (MXN ). One Mexican Peso is equivalent to 0.08$.

Transport in Guaymas

If you like to circulate with car, you will be glad to hear that driving is easy in the city of Guaymas. There are two main roads, a highway and the Serdan. The streets and avenues are either in the north or in the south and are numbered.

A bus ticket costs 5 pesos for a journey. Plenty of taxis are available at a reasonable cost and many drivers speak a little English.

Sunset in Guaymas

Sunset in Guaymas ©mickou/Flick

Accommodation facilities in Guaymas

In the city of Guyamas you can stay at the Casa de Huespedes Martha Guaymas, the prices start from 150 pesos. It offers its guests rooms with bathrooms and free parking. At Casa de Huespedes Lupita you can accommodate yourself at costs from 120 pesos, but the bathrooms are shared.

Shopping in Guaymas

Guaymas has always been a popular tourist attraction, the city doesn’t have a huge shopping district, but you can find some interesting shops. Perlas Del Mar De Cortez is one of the best stores that Guaymas has to offer its tourists, especially those who love pearls. Here you will find a large variety of pearls, gold and silver jewelry and other objects as well. In the Mercado you can find a wide variety of sugar candy. In this market there are shops selling handmade wooden toys. If you happen to be in Guaymas during the Christmas holidays, you must visit the store called Jugetes y Mas. You will find here a wide variety of Christmas decorations and many other items that you can purchase as souvenirs.

The city of Guaymas from air

The city of Guaymas from air ©fredsharples/Flick


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