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Who are we?

Our editorial team is made up of a team of experienced travelers who learned a lot about Mexico and who want to spread the word about their findings to the world. Our main goal remains to put together a broad summary all adventurers might need when taking a trip to Mexico, that extends to travel guides and tips, visa information, security issues, what to see and must-visit places.

Furthermore, Mexico Wanderer is a useful resource for travel planning too. We would like to help each traveler finding his Mexican getaway by collecting last minute vacation deals, cheap hotel rates and discounted airfares to the most visited destinations of the United Mexican States. Besides our passion for the land, we also have 8 years+ familiarity in the US travel business making part of the Wanderer Guides Network of travel blogs.

What can you find here?

Along the general and typical topics of this area (i.e. ) Mexico Wanderer attempts to include those unexposed themes as well, like Mexican desserts and soups, the Cumbre Tajin cultural festival in Veracruz, getting around in the country by car and discovering the Mexican Tequila (not in the same time of course  ;-)).

Read our travel posts to learn about where to eat and drink, what are the best nature and outdoor activities and read about family and fun compared to romantic travel in Mexico.

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Any ideas, suggestions and feedback are very welcome. Advice us on what should we add to our site by sending an email to editor(AT)wandererguides(DOT)com. Contact us now with any type of partnership, guest posts, contests and advertising requests or anything coming to your mind.

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