Adventure Tourism in Mexico

Cozumel ©lesliebyk/flickr

Cozumel ©lesliebyk/flickr

Cozumel is the place for scuba diving, but you can snorkel also in quite a number of the beaches. Moreover, this place has a great off shore attraction that is the off shore reefs. It is not really difficult to make it there as there are many service providers that will take you there if you hire them to. Some with fast boats called the ‘Deep Blue’. If you are an advanced diver, you can go for long dives by ‘Living Underwater’. Looking for an excellent service and great packages, first resort ‘Scuba Club Cozumel’ are own by divers and open for divers. For diving tours to the huge wall at Santa Rosa and Catedral, you can look for ‘Scuba Staff Divers’.

Swimming with the dolphins

Since there are plenty of resorts with a variety of services, you can definitely find something that suits your comfort and budget. There are luxury places for you to spend your vacation, there are also cheap resorts. At the Chankanaab Natural Park, you can watch the intelligent dolphins during a show, you can play with them or even swim with them. The east side of Cozumel are full of nice beaches and restaurants. Otherwise, if you are still into the Mayan ruins, you should not miss those at San Gervasio and Temple El Caracol.

Mexico Tenochtitlan

Mexico Tenochtitlan was a Nahua altepetl city state located on the island in Lake Texcoco. It is in the Valley of Mexico. This highlands plateau in central Mexico is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. Mainly, it was the centre for Toltec, Aztec and Teotihuacan which are the pre-Columbian civilizations. Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco are both Mexican altepetl which are local and ethnically based political entity.

Lake Texcoco

This is a natural lake formation within the Valley of Mexico. The city of Tenochtitlan was built by the Aztecs on an island in the lake, but the Spaniards built Mexico City over Tenochtitlan.

Mexico city

Scuba Diving

©Mark & Andrea Busse/flickr

Mexico city has dancers in prehispanic costumes dancing in front of the Cathedral. There are many fascinating beaches, colonial cities, ancient sites, natural wonders, adventure tourism, mexican food, handicrafts and you can learn about its people, culture and Fiestas. Everyone will advise you to experience Maya of the past without leaving Cancun. Be sure to utilize a deet based insect repellent before exploring the park to avoid mosquitoes bites. One interactive aquarium you must see is the Acuario Interactivo.

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