Adventure turism in Mexico

Mexican desert at sunset

Mexican desert at sunset ©Lightning_Todd/Flick

Mexico is a popular holiday destination that satisfies every visitor. It has beautiful beaches, spectacular and high mountains, natural reserves, quiet villages and busy cities. But it is not only a destination for those who want to rest, it’s a perfect place for the adventure lovers as well.

In Mexico there are a lot of possibilities, great variety for those who would like to practice water sports and for the ones who like the adventure tourism. You just have to choose between exploring the jungle or an underground river, to surf or to do para-sailing over the coast, admiring the beach, the ocean and the birds.

You can also do rafting in the 40 rivers or climbing and caving in the forested region of Veracruz.

The second largest coral reef in the world

For diving we recomment the reefs near Cancun, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. The Island of Cozumel is known worldwide for its coral wonders, but the main attraction is diving and water sports such as water-skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving, day cruises, parasailing, jungle touring. It is known for the fact that here you can swim with dolphins. Mexico has the second largest coral reef in the world.

Water world at Cozumel

Water world at Cozumel ©roger4336/Flick

Copper Canyon

You can make ascents in Copper Canyon. Copper Canyon is canyon chain in the State of Chiuaua and together is greater than the Grand Canyon.

Navigate to the Baja California

You can navigate in Mexican style, appealing to the experience of one of the famous sailing clubs in the U.S., The races starts in Newport or Los Angeles and ends in Baja California.

Baja California from air

Baja California from air ©NASA Earth Observatory/Flick

Baja Peninsula tour

If you prefer the adventure tourism in Mexico, try a spectacular tour with car along the Baja Peninsula, a road that stretches from the Pacific Ocean, from the southernmost point of the peninsula, Cabo San Lucas, to the Gulf of California and crosses many mountain  peaks. Stop on the way at the hiking trails and visit the famous caves with cave paintings at Cueva Pintada and Cueva del Raton.

Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park

The Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park is ideal for adventure turism lovers. You can choose hiking and climbing on its granite peaks – the highest peak of the peninsula being located here (Devil’s Peak, 3.100m).

Mexican Desserts

A nature and extreme sport lover should not miss the north-western part of Mexico! There are huge expanses of deserts – high or low, with craters and lunar landscape – more than 1,600 miles of ocean coastline and the largest volcanic field in the world waiting to be explored.

Mexican desert at sunset

Mexican desert at sunset ©Lightning_Todd/Flick

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