Best Ancient Places to Visit in Mexico during the Spring

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Mexico is a great country to visit any time, but the activities and locations may vary depending on the season. Spring is perfect for long trips to explore the ancient culture of the country.

We would like to present you a brief tour of some gorgeous ancient locations in Mexico that you should visit, which includes the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Catemaco, also known as “Land of Witches”, the beautifully decorated Mayan ruins in Uxmal, the valorous archeological place in Palenque, Chichen Itza, the most famous Mayan city in Mexico and you can also meet a community of Indians.

The pyramids of Teotihuacan

You should consider a trip to Teotihuacan where you can visit the Pyramid of the Sun, which is the third largest in the world, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, the Avenue of the Dead (Calle de los Muertos), which originally was 4 km long with temples, palaces and markets.

Teotihuacan © Herbert Spencer/Flick

The ancient archeological place in Teotihuacan © Herbert Spencer/Flick


Catemaco is a city with a traditional esoteric air, also known as “Land of Witches”. You must stop to admire the beautiful landscape around the Eyipantla Falls. Visit the Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve where you will have the possibility to meet with a shaman.

The perfect continuation of the day would be a boat trip to Monkey Island and then we can walk to the lagoon. On the way to Catemaco you can have a short stop to admire a stunning copy of an Olmec head statue.

The beautiful city of Catemaco ©jpchima.ortiz, sashapo, Ariaski/Flick

Mayan ruins in Uxmal

The archeological zone of Mayan ruins in Uxmal is different from Palenque because of the rich decorations on top of buildings. They are ruins of great architectural beauty and the place consists of Adivino Pyramid (also known as the Pyramid of the Magician or the Pyramid of the Dwarf), The Nunnery Quadrangle, The Governor’s Palace and the Ballcourt.

The archeological site in Uxmal ©Erick Muñiz, Esparta/Flick


Along the way to Palenque you can visit a community of Indians (Chamula and Zinacantan), whose inhabitants have kept unspoiled traditions, customs, beliefs and social structure. You can meet the indigenous population and if you are lucky, you may see some ancient pagan rituals.

The route should continue to the waterfall Agua Azul, which name was given because of its beautiful shades of turquoise contrasting with the green of the jungle. There you can take a marvelous bath. Misol-Ha is another beautiful waterfall that can be seen on the road to Palenque.

Palenque is an archeological place with Mayan walls that are rising in the middle of the rain forest and is surrounded by jungle. The site is considered by some experts to be the most important in Mexico, because of the value of these ancient Greek monuments and also because of its beauty.

Inside of the Pyramid of the Inscriptions lies the sarcophagus of the famous king Pakal with the wonderful tombstone engraved in relief. You can also find there the Temple of the Cross, the Temple of the Sun and the Palace.

The ancient ruins in Palenque ©archer10 (Dennis)/Flick

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is the most famous ancient Mayan city in Mexico. The archeological site will demonstrate the advanced knowledge in architecture and astronomy of the Mayan civilization.

The site consist of numerous buildings, the important ones being the Pyramid of Kukulcan with the stone throne inside made in the shape of jaguar with eyes of jade, also known as “The Castle”. This is followed by the Temple of Warriors, the Observatory, the 1,000 columns Market, Cenote – where the victims sacrificed to god Chac were thrown.

Chichen Itza, jimg944/Flick

The famous ancient city of Chichen Itza ©, jimg944/Flick


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