Canopy Adventure in Mexico

Huana Coa ©buenostiempos

Huana Coa ©buenostiempos

The place to go for such an exciting experience is to Huana Coa. Whether it is because you like ecotourism or because you like adventure, this is a park at the foothills of Sierra Madre mountains. Sierra Madre is rather a mountain system where you can find the Sierra Madre Occidental, Sierra Madre Oriental, Sierra Madre del Sur, the Mexican plateau. This park is near La Noria which is a village that is forty-five minutes from the Mazatlan resort. You can explore 12 platforms that are mounted in trees and hills. The entire area is a semi-desert tropical jungle. You may try things like moving up the platform to platform. You will learn to use horizontal nine shots. Other activities include walks between nature and you can do that twice and even a vertical drop experience! For a Jungle –Desert trek, you get to try the Pinzgauer which is a six by six Swiss-terrain vehicle. Basically you use it through the gaps that has an inclination of fifty degrees. When you have completed the Canopy part of the park, you can visit the distillery Los Osuna Agave Azul or even have a drink or two there. The tour cost about seventy-five dollars.

Safety Requirements

Huana Coa ©Linda

Ziplining at Huana Coa

There are six requirements you should make sure and meet before you participate in this adventurous activity. For example, you should have sufficient mobility, having the strength to climb a five-meter ladder unassisted and be able to walk uphill for fifteen minutes. You should not weight more than 125 kilogram. This should also mean you can fit into the harness, the helmet and gloves which are safety equipment for the tour. If you cannot be on a small platform of about five stories high, for any problems including dizziness, hyperventilation, fainting, anxiety, vomiting etc, it is recommended you do not go for this tour. The other type of people who should not join this tour are people with epilepsy, heart problems, asthmas, balance problem, neck problems, shoulder and back problems, and if you are an expectant woman, you should not join this tour. There is a minimum age bracket. You must be nine years or older, if you are under eighteen, you have to be accompanied by an adult. You should not be intoxicated. Having a clear mind and able to comply with the rules and understanding of the directions is important as well.


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