Chamber Music Festival in Mexico

Chamber Music

Chamber Music

For 16 days, starting from the Friday 3rd of August is the International Chamber Music Festival. This event is the top in Latin America, a tradition that is kept to present the internationally acclaimed ensembles of chamber music. The venue chosen are acoustically checked and up to standard. They are intimate venues within the historic town which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. For example, the Angela Peralta Theater having a capacity of four hundred is the home base for the Festival. Box seats, balcony seating are priced at very affordable rates. There is also a concurrent program for students to go through master classes and coachings with the professional performing groups. Further, they get to learn more about the Mexican culture during the homestays and excursions. Under the direction of Antonio Cabrero, the finest thirty young musicians in Mexico get to perform and present a 30 musician chamber orchestra at the end of the program.

San Miguel de Allende

The San Miguel de Alende Chamber Music Festival is held in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in San Miguel. It is a an old-world style small city in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Performances are held at an elevation of six thousand feet. This is a unique place, a rich architectural beautiful place that everywhere you will meet warm people and a very lively arts community. The centro area is where you will get to see stores, restaurants, galleries. It is a entirely walkable city for strolling, seeing the pale pink church Parroquia, cobblestone streets, the Jardin which is a flower-filled central square. Art lovers, you can also explore the art academy called Instituto Allende, the Bellas Artes school of fine arts, artisan markets, art studios and boutique shops. Gourmet lovers should not missed those wonderful and delicious home-cooked Mexican dishes offered in the restaurants. Since it is a festival, everywhere on the streets are music filled with performances by students in the public areas too.

Where to Walk in San Miguel

San Miguel ©

San Miguel

The Market District and Artisans Alley, Hospicio Street, Fine Hotels and Restaurants, Fabrica la Aurora Art Design Centre plus Calzada de la Aurora, Lower Hernandez Macias and Zacateros, Codo, San Antonio, Shops and Galleries of Jesus, Hernandez Macias and Zacateros, Correo, Recreo and el Chorro, The Aldama and Sollano loop, Juarez Park, San Francisco, Mesones and Canal, Bellas Artes and last but not least, the Relox, Insurgentes to Hidalgo Circle.

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