Cheap Flights from Detroit to Cancun

Cheap flights from Detroit to Cancun

The average rate of a flight from Detroit to Cancun is $873. Also one can expect around 6 thousand award miles for a flight like this. A flight from Detroit to Cancun is circa $733 at the time of off season whilst it gets higher at the time of peak season. You might want to know that the cheapest price ever found for the same route is $228, this was a Spirit Airlines flight discovered by our users on But the cheapest airfare discovered in the past year is also good, just $335 round-trip for a Spirit Airlines flight found for January 2013 on

When to travel from Detroit to Cancun

Peak season is normally December to April in Cancun so tickets will probably be truly pricey than. If you are hunting for better fares, we recommend you fly during September to November, through off season, when prices can be more affordable. We consider that generally the perfect period to go to the city from Detroit is between low and high season, in May to August.

Helpful advice about cheap flights from Detroit to Cancun

  • The longest viable flight distance between Detroit and Cancun is precisely 3,885 miles.
  • The shortest flight distance between the two cities is 1,477 miles long, it is a 1 hour trip.
  • The only airport serving the city, Cancun International Airport, is circa 7.5 miles away from the central part of the city.
  • The shortest flight taking off in Cancun is just 47 miles long and it lands in Cozumel.
  • Detroit is in connection with 131 airports altogether.