Easter traditions in Mexico

Semana Santa in Mexico

Semana Santa in Mexico ©Zyllan Fotografía/Flick

Easter in Mexico is slightly different from the one celebrated in most Christian countries.

It is a fusion of Christian rituals and native traditions.

The Resurrection celebration lasts longer and it is a combination of two separate major holidays: Semana Santa and Pascua. The first refers to the whole Holy Week from Palm Sunday until Easter Saturday and Pascua is celebrating the period between Easter Sunday and next Saturday.

We will present the most important Easter traditions in Mexico.


The long Easter holiday

For most of the Mexicans, the two-week period is the perfect opportunity for a wonderful holiday. People are having fun in their preferred community. This is the explanation for the fact that the highways are full these days. In these two weeks, students do not learn, banks and institutions are closed, remaining in activity, however, most of the travel agencies.

Easter festival in Mexico

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Semana Santa and Pascua

Semana Santa celebrates the last days of the life of Jesus Christ. Pascua is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Is also the eliberation from the sacrifices of Lent.

On Flower Sunday Mexicans make colorful crepe paper flowers, which thet bring to church for consecration. Then they decorate with them the doors of their houses to be sure that they will be protected from evil. On Good Friday people eat fish instead of meat.

Easter performances

In many Mexican communities is an Easter tradition to make a performance which depicts the sufferings of Christ, from the Last Supper and continuing with Betrayal, the Trial, the Road of Jesus Christ with the cross with the 12 halts and ending with the crucifixion on the cross and eventually the Resurrection. In some communities in the performance is included the actual crucifixion on the cross. The story are often beautifully represented and the participants prepare for this play almost all year until Semana Santa.

Semana Santa in Mexico

Semana Santa in Mexico ©Zyllan Fotografía/Flick

Judas, the traitor

Another unique Easter tradition in Mexico is punishing the traitor Judas. The locals make a mannequin, they attach fireworks or other pyrotechnic works on it and fire them at Easter on the Holy Sunday. The custom was forbidden in big cities because of numerous accidents, some of them even deadly, but this custom is ilegally still practiced in rural areas.

Time for a pinata

Easter is the ideal opportunity to make pinata! Piñata is a rigid bag shaped balloon animal that is containing sweets or small gifts. Children blindfolded are trying to break it by hitting it with a stick.

Easter pinata

Easter pinata ©oger_mommaerts/Flick

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