Go Mexico in July

Copper Canyon ©two-moondancers.com

Copper Canyon

July is the wet month in the entire year, whether in the afternoon or evening, be sure and remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat along when you go sightseeing. July is also a school holiday period and you do not wish to be disappointed, so make sure you make advanced travel plans for sightseeing spots. Many festivals starting from the 6 to the 7 of July, for example the International Mountain Biking Festival in Chihuahua. This is in Creel where an annual event is held in Copper Canyon. There are downhill races, kids events, road races and guided rides. Copper Canyon is rather a network of canyons, thus it is even larger than the Arizona’s Grand Canyon. For those who likes rugged but stunning nature, you can find here the best scenery, different elevations. Experience here also the distinct climatic zones, from sub-tropical forest which can be found in the valleys and a cool alpine climate in the highlands. Enjoy pure bliss in the oak and pine forest too. Animal lovers will see unique wild life such as pumas, black bears, white tail deers and otters. There are more than three hundred species of birds, where in winter you can see many migratory birds in the area. Mainly, the Tarahumara lives here. They are the largest group of indigenous people also known as Raramuri. The Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway or the Copper Canyon Railway is an exploration sight. It is also called the Chepe where you can take a 14 hours scenic railway route from Los Mochis to the city area of Chihuahua. Realise how amazing it is to climb 8000 ft into the Sierra Tarahumara and along the way you will be crossing more than 87 tunnels and over thirty-six bridges.

Basaseachi Waterfall

Basaseachic River ©Fernandodelatorre46/flickr

Basaseachic River

This is a 246 meters high waterfall. It is the second highest waterfall in Mexico. All around are pine forest and if you enjoy nature and walking trails, there are hiking paths that provides a gorgeous view of the falls at different perspectives. Barranca de Candameña is also the Basaseachic Falls National Park situated on the western side of Chihuahua. This is a place exactly for nature lovers for its beautiful pine-oak forest, breathtaking views, and spectacular rock formations. Not for the faint-hearted or those with height phobia, cliffs are as high as 1640 meters. In case you are wondering where the Basaseachic Falls falls into? Well, it goes into the Basaseachic River in the Parque Nacional Basaseachic at Canyon Basaseachic.




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