Having fun in Tulum

Tulum beach

Tulum beach ©tjschloss/Flick

You might be surprised when you meet the people in Tulum, they being more opened, better and more smiling than in any other place in the world. And if the meaning of the Mayan name of Tulum is ”wall”,  today it has more a role of defense against the agitation and the speed of the current human society, being an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the jungle.

In terms of safety, although Mexico has experienced in recent years an increase in violence especially that related to drug trafficking, Tulum remains a safe tourist destination.


We present some information for having fun in Tulum including shopping, nightlife, accommodation and food services.

Tulum ruins

Tulum ruins©The Sean & Lauren Spectacular/Flick


The tourist life of the small town of Tulum is present along its main street that can be easily cross by foot in 15-20 minutes. The main street offers to the visitors many souvenirs and diving equipment, restaurants and cafes, banks and exchange houses. Do not expect to meet aggressive sellers and take in consideration that any price is actually negotiable if you are patient.


For nigh amusement do not rely on Tulum. You should possibly make a visit to the Playa del Carmen or Cancun, at a few ten kilometers to the north.

Road to Playa del Carmen

Road to Playa del Carmen ©bsabarnowl/Flick


At three miles from the center of Tulum you eneter a road that winds along the sea shore, connecting dozens of hotels located right on the beach. Tulum is a friendly place with bikes that can be easily rented in many locations.

Cafes and restaurants

The cakes at the Mot Mot café and the lemonade with honey are wonderful. Here you can find espresso as well, if you don’t want to drink American long coffee.

The seafood menu of the El Camelito, the preferred restaurant of those who live in Tulum, is very good. The prices are more than acceptable and everything is worth trying from the menu. We especially recommendation the seafood soup (“sopa mariscos” – very spicy), the shrimp tacos (“Orden de Camarón”) and the mixed salad (“ceviche mixto”). Being full at any hour of the day, you might have to wait until you order and can be difficult to find room for larger groups.

Tulum beach

Tulum beach ©tjschloss/Flick

In Mexico smoking is ostracized, so expect that is not allowed either in restaurants, cafes or at the airport, and sometimes it is even forbidden outdoors not even with a dedicated space. An other advice is that you shouldn’t drink tap water and do not throw the toilet paper in the toilet.

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