Hotels and shopping in Mexico City

Hotel Marquís Reforma in Mexico City

Hotel Marquís Reforma in Mexico City ©hanneorla/Flick

Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) is located right in the place where once was the legendary Aztec settlement of Tehochtitlan, which stunned the Spaniards who discovered it, because of the size, wealth and beauty. If today the Aztec settlement remained only a legend, Mexico City is interesting enough to attract anyone, even if for other reasons. It is the largest city on the planet, with about 25 million inhabitants and it is clear that when you get here the city size will leave you speechless.

We offer some information about accommodation and shopping in Mexico City.

Accommodation facilities in Mexico City

In terms of prices, the hotels in Mexico City can be divided into three price categories: luxury hotels (over $ 200), moderate hotels (from $ 50 up to $ 200) and cheap hotels (up to $ 50). These prices are starting prices for a standard double room, including taxes but excluding breakfast in the absence of contrary provisions.

In Mexico City the hotel bills can usually be paid in U.S. Dollars or Mexican Pesos, but prices tend to be quoted in U.S. dollars.

Hotel C Mexico City is located on the Reforma Avenue, surrounded by trendy shops, chic boutiques, galleries and cafes. Staff tries to satisfy every whim of a guest. Presidente Mexico City is the hotel where were accommodated many celebrities. The rooms are spacious and luxurious. Hotel Majestic offers an enviable location with a view of the historic monuments.

Hotel Marquís Reforma in Mexico City

Hotel Marquís Reforma in Mexico City ©hanneorla/Flick

Shopping in Mexico City

In terms of shopping in Mexico City, the city offers everything from supermarkets, shops and boutiques to shopping malls, markets and street vendors. The fixed rates are prevailing in luxury stores, but is common to bargain in markets. The favorite shopping areas in Mexico City include Centro Histórico, La Zona Rosa, and in recent years, Polanco.

View of Mexico City

View of Mexico City ©LWY/Flick

There are some markets in Mexico City that sell Mexican Artiz objects. All of the works, from hand painted ceramic pots, to nicely to elaborated vases of glass, are made by regional artisans settled in poor communities. Artisans sell their products every Saturday, from 10 to 19 in Mercado de San Juan Curiosidades Mexicanos. Centro Histórico, also offers such products. Nearby, at Mercado Ciudadela is a market covered with a wide variety of products from all over Mexico. Prices are correct but they expect you to negotiate.

The largest stores in Mexico City are Sanborns, Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro. Particularly interesting is the Casa de Azulejos (House of Tiles), between Avenida Cinco de Mayo and Avenida Madero, a beautiful building, which dates from 1596 and is covered with blue and white tiles. Inside the house you will find a shop and a restaurant. Centro Santa Fe, Vasco de Quiroga 3800, in the western part of the city, is the largest shopping center in Latin America and includes nearly 300 shops, restaurants, playgrounds for children and 10 theaters.

Casa de los Azulejos

Casa de los Azulejos ©Chang’r/Flick


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