Huatulco, Southernmost Pacific Resort

Huatulco ©Repetto/flickr

Huatulco ©Repetto/flickr

In the state of Oaxaca and southeast of Acapulco is a large resort area called ‘Huatulco‘. It has nine small bays that hug the coast along with beautiful beaches. It is still in the progress of development. This place provides tranquility, wide-open beaches, water sports, many high-end hotels, adventurous excursions, mountain rivers, coffee plantations and mountain villages.

Eco-tourism and Bays of Huatulco

They are comprised of a 22 mile stretch of coastline and 22 thousand hectares of land. If you like nature and ecological reserves, Huatulco is the place for you to relax and lay back. The buildings will be kept to an authentic feel and over-development is controlled. Maximum of six stories in height are allowed and there are strict architectural styles to abide to.

Oaxacan Coastline

At about 28ºC with clear days almost the entire year, azure blue waters with fine white sand and an amazing landscape awaits you. The nine bays are Conejos, Tangolunda, Chahue, Santa Cruz, Maguey, Organo, Cacaluta, Chahacual and San Agustin.

Sierra Madre del Sur

In the backdrop with a natural gray-blue mountain, here you can see a beautiful undeveloped bays which is less crowded than the other more lively resorts such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta or Ixtapa. Tangolunda where all the five-star hotels are located, Santa Cruz (for the four-stars hotel) and Chahue are ready for tourists. It has a charming, historic and scenic village. La Crucecita is more like a business district with lots of nightspots in varying styles.


Tangolunda ©adan_jardon/flickr

Tangolunda ©adan_jardon/flickr

This bay has an 18-hole golf course, restaurants, a shopping area and five wonderful beaches. This place is more for the upscale visitors and is infact one of the grandest Huatulco’s bays. Next to it is Chahue which is the area’s largest. There will be a marina that can receive cruise ships. There is a disco, several restaurants, a municipal market and an attractive main square. As for the bay of Santa Cruz, there are two central plazas surrounded by shops restaurants and bars.

Totally Natural Beaches

Commune with the nature through the spectacular landscape and natural beaches of Chachacual, Conejos,Cacaluta and El Organo. If you like natural sanctuaries, the Oaxacan coast extends to Puerto Escondido where you can surf the private beaches in just a bathing suit. This place is also well planned out in such pollution is managed and then water treatment is done and recycling process to the ongoing maintenance of the entire place.

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