Mazatlan Carnival

Parque-Mexico ©waywuwei/flickr

Parque-Mexico ©waywuwei/flickr

The Mazatlan Carnival is from the 16th and 21st of February this year. During this seven day multi-event celebration, there will be live music, entertainment, dance, folklore and colourful costumes. Other than the indigenious traditions, you can find all diverse celebrants of all ages participanting in this delightful event. From what is only a public street celebration more than one hundred years ago, it became more than a seasonal ritual. With scented flour and ashes, the people at the carnival put on colored eggshells as well. It is no longer humoristic like before, it is towards grotesque. Vestigial fetures of the archaic traditions, chaos and objectively to tear down social barriers present in today’s society. The socialpolitical change impacted this tradition and in May, it is undertaken by the military to commemorate the Mexican over the French army in Puebla.

Grand Ball of Costumes

During the 1898 celebration, even carriages and bicycles were used in the parade. No more usage of scented flour but confetti. An American beauty queen of the carnival sat atop trolley cars drawn by mules. Ministers, chamberlains and they also held the Grand Ball of Costumes.

21st Century

mexico medellin ©vivodefutbol_flickr


Naval combat at Olas Altas, parades at Avenida del Mar, crowning of the king of joy, queen of floral games, queen of carnival and even the child queen. There are spectacular parades of the pacific international beauty queen at this time too. Children’s Grand Ball, Funny Costume Contest, and symbolic Bad Mood Burning ritual are perhaps fascinating cultural sights to be captured. Every year, they set a theme to the carnival. From creative themes like fantansy at the Riviera, oriental fantasy, fantasy of old times, nights of Mazatlan, Wonders of the World, winds of epic, spirits of the sea and wind and the list goes on. Last year it was the return of the muses.

El Quelite

After your time at the carnival, you can also arrange to visit El Quelite that offers a great surroundings. Either by walking or by riding on a donkey, El Quelite is just 25km northeast of Mazatlan. This picturesque town dates back from the 19th century. It has even historical relevant sights like the Laureano of the Mexican Revolution about them storming ont he steps that carried commodities such as gold. You are also recommended to taste the delicious cuisines and local dishes of the Laureano that uses only the regional ingredients and cooked based on their ancient recipes.


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