The Mexican Dessertspoons

Mexican Soup ©barbziebus/flickr

Mexican Soup ©barbziebus/flickr

Other than the famous Mexican dips, you can try the Five layer Mexican Dip that is with cheese, Cheddar, vegetables, Avocado, beans/legumes. The Mexican has some traditional soups such as the Mexican Chicken Soup and they cooked it with cheese, Cheddar, meat and poultry. Another soup called the Mexican Tortilla Chicken Soup also tastes really refreshing. It is due to the ingredients used in the making of this soup such as lime, chicken, Avocado and also Jalepeno. You can imagine a tangy and spicy chicken soup version having those lime and jalepeno additions.

Mexican Meatball Soup

The Mexican Meatball soup is also a fascinating soup to choose from the menu. It consists of rice, beef, carrots, onion and potato. The ingredients seemed easy to get from any markets if you are planning to make this at home. But it cannot beat tasting it in the Mexico City when you are traveling there. Next to mention is the Mexican Corn Soup. It is made with cheese added, Queso, bacon and vegetables. Some dairy are added too. It just taste ‘very mexican’. Finally, there is a Mexican Chicken Stew that consists of dairy ingredients as well as lime, grains, rice and

poultry. This chicken stew is very delicious and contributes very much to a hearty dinner if you are desiring one.

Mexican Desserts

Five layer Mexican Dip ©Hamburger Helper

Five layer Mexican Dip

Eating in Mexico cannot do without the yummy desserts. Names such as Mexican Rice Pudding or the Arroz Con Leche, Mexican Mango Cake just makes you salivate. Of course, you must try the Mexican Chocolate-Banana Muffins. They smelled even so good at a distance. Last but not least, the Mexican Milanese Style Sandwiches ‘Tortas’ is another must try. Caramel Flans are brought into Mexico by the Spanish. This caramel-draped custard is a quintessential Mexican dessert and it has the golden cooked sugar that melts. Cinnamon Churros are like doughnuts but coated with sugar and cinnamon. It is in the form of stripes of fried dough and it just taste great when dipped together with some spicy Mexican chocolate sauce. The Tres Leches Cake is made with three milks such as the vanilla sauce that drizzles over the cake. There is also a delicious layer of chopped fresh strawberries. If you have not tried the Chocolate-Ancho Creme Brulee, this rich custard base creme brulee has a brick=like topping. The flavours you can choose from are cinnamon, ground chile pepper flavour as well as chocolate.


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