Mexican Exotic Beaches Zihuatanejo

La Casa Que Canta


Close to 10,000 kilometers of coastline is what Mexico is blessed with. The resort areas are Acapulco, Mayan Riviera and Cancun. Whether if you like to hang your hammock from tree to tree, just to relax and laid back, Mexico has lots to offer in terms of the sound of the waves while enjoying a cold beverage, that one of your favourite choice. Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, situated in the northeast of Guerrero, you can find the Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo which are just four miles away from each other. They are a contrast in terms of attractions and so do not judge them by their proximity to one another. If you like those old cobbled-stone streets feel, Zihuatanejo is the place for you. You can find there many interesting inexpensive restaurants while Ixtapa is with all-night long discos, high-rise hotels and a world-class beach resort area. In order to get to get there, fly to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport, or you just need a road trip by car or by bus from Morelia. It will probably take you three and a half hours. Some of the wonderful things you might want to do here is renting a bike and ride along the six-mile long bike path called ciclopista which means ‘cycle-route’ in English. If you enjoy golf, you can play at one of the 18-hole courses in Ixtapa. Active divers will love the scuba diving time which you can plan in one of the days within your itinerary. With children, you can bring them to swim with the dolphins for the morning and then enjoy a relaxing family time on the beach together.

Costa Maya, Xcalak

Xcalak Costa Maya

Xcalak Costa Maya

Xcalak is a paradise for divers. Here is where the second largest reef with thousands kilometers long, the Meso American reef system runs just a few hundred meters from the beach. Hence you can see endless options to fantastic diving sites with wonderful animals like jack, snapper, tarpon, moray eels, conch, the giant midnight blue parrot fish, nurse sharks and even lobsters! Corals and an impressive underwater world in many forms like drop down, coral walls, caves and canyon formations. For local diving sites, check out Hob Na, La Poza Rica, Ciudad Undida, Dona Nica, La Poza del Quebrado, La Poza, Blandquizares, Coral Garden, Scott’s playground, Santa Julia, Blanquizar, Sieto Cocos, Canones, G-spot, La Pozeta, Portilla, Chimenea and last but not least Bahia de Chetumal.

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