Mexico and What To See

Isla Mujeres ©Scott HankalIf you are into scuba diving, you will find the town Akumal and the beach-front resort at the south of Cancun a very interesting to visit. There is a community for scuba divers founded by a Mexican archaeologist called Pablo Bush Romero. El Arco in Cabo San Lucas is where you can see interesting Geologic formations other than the landmarks. Romantic couples would love watching the sunrise or the sunset that this spot has to offer. It is also a place for scuba diving, snorkeling and whale-watching. If you are planning to visit the subtropical Cozumel, the beach that will be ideal for shallow snorkeling is Playa Corona beach. You can do unlimited sunbathing and there are certainly lots of opportunities for beach activities. The best months would be April to July for snorkeling and scuba diving in the crystal clear water with great visibility levels when the waters are hot.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is the place for Delfin Diving. It also provides a great dolphin discovery and swimming with the dolphins are certainly an experience. You can watch the dolphins tail walk, listen to them singing, kissing and hugging them. Then check out the longest reef in the hemisphere, the Garrafon Reef Park that has incredible reef formation. You can also do other activities such as biking, kayaking, flying on a zip-line, hiking other than swimming with the dolphins. The traditional Mexican breakfast recommendation is at La Cazuela.


Manzanillo ©IOupyYou must not missed Barra Navidad in Manzanillo, the other is the active snow-capped volcano, Nevado de Colima, is ideal for a side trip. Then the hilly slopes at Santiago Peninsula forms the best part of the area, the fantasy land or Las Hadas. The other sight is the long stretch of beach Playa Miramar that goes directly across the highway from Club Maeva. Playa Olas Altas is a local beach and it is also popular. Manzanillo Bay on the other hand provides relaxation as it is a calm and beautiful beach at the north of the city. A quiet and elegant golf course smacked in the sand dunes called Isla Navidad Golf Course is also very amazing. It overlooks the ocean in case you want to know what is so special about it. Furthermore, the other not to be missed is the Playa La Audiencia which is a sheltered bay where the brass plaque can be found in the ‘Sanitarios’, what we better known today as public toilets.


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