Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit

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Riviera Nayarit

Between the Western Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean stands the Riviera Nayarit. This is more like a paradise for those who love coastline, beach, sun and sand. The coastline is more than 200 miles and this location is really near to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport as well as the Tepic International Airport. Emerald mountains avail, if that is what you are looking out for your next vacation. There are lots of vegetation and golden beaches for you and your family’s enjoyment. It has one of the most wonderful climate that is sub-humid and only 25ºC on the average with lots of sunshine of up to 90% throughout the entire year. That is why there are beautiful flowers with great colors and hues. Whether it is the town or the beach areas, you can spot special animals. Banderas Bay, San Blas, Tecuala, Compostela and Santiago, just pick your favourite spot and have a great time out with your family this summer.

Banderas Bay and the other Highlights

Santa Maria del Oro ©

Santa Maria del Oro ©

Large and natural. This is Mexico’s great destination if you like green foliages. Deep blue waters of the Banderas Bay is a beautiful place with lots of natural beauty and the Old Mexico of Puerto Vallarta. San Blas is the other popular place and it is just 100 miles from Puerto Vallarta. It used to be the port where Junipero Serra, Father of the California Missions departed and was founded in 1531. Today it is a fine area of surfing. Las Islitas is where the longest surfable wave in the world at the Playa de Matanchen. It is 5700 feet in length Mantanchen is the small towns and also the bay at the south of San Blas. Besides, it is the site of the earliest settlements in Western Mexico. Tecuala means the ‘place of many wild animals’. However, this place has one of the longest beaches in the world. If you like nature and hiking, there are many trails for hikers around the lake. Bird lovers will enjoy the birdwatching opportunities available at Santa Maria del Oro. Other than this, there are spectacular waterfalls for relaxing and beautiful scenery. You can even consider to swim in the lake. Getting to the lake can be by the toll road from Tepic towards Guadalajara. There is an old church when you drive through Santa Maria del Oro. One recommendation is to take a breathtaking view of the lake at the viewpoint.


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