Most Important Things You Need to Know About Mexican Food

Delicious Mexican food

Delicious Mexican food ©nicolasnova/Flick

Lately Mexican food is a real world fashion. Mexican cuisine is quite exotic and very spicy. It is a mixture of Aztec, Mayan and Spanish culinary traditions.

We want to present the most important things you need to know about Mexican food to understand the importance of the ingredients and of condiments in Mexican cuisine. Each region of Mexico has its own kitchen, but the main ingredient all over are: corn, beans and chili peppers. They use spices like coriander, cumin, garlic, cinnamon, cloves, thyme, oregano, dark chocolate, lime, avocado and “epazote”, a herb with a peppery smell, which is an important ingredient of the Mexican cuisine.

Before the Spanish arrived in Mexico there were not used any fat or olive oil. Mexican food was cooked, boiled in water or steam and sometimes cooking was done in holes in the ground. Spanish settlers were “Americanized” very quickly and began to live and eat like the natives. The new culinary techniques as frying and baking led to the appearance of unusual recipes.

Delicious Mexican food

Delicious Mexican food ©nicolasnova/Flick

Beans and corn in Mexican cuisine

Beans (frijoles) in Mexico are of all sizes and in all colors, but the most common are black or red. Most times it is served “refritos” (boiled), then mixed and tempered with onion, garlic and chili.

Before the arrival of the Spanish, the basis of Mexican food was corn. Cornmeal dough is the base of the Mexican bread, the tortillas. Americans have popularized it as “Nachos”.

Tortilla is a kind of pancake made from cornmeal (sometimes wheat), cooked directly on the hot plate. Tortillas often replace bread.

Beans and corn, main ingredients of Mexican food

Beans and corn, main ingredients of Mexican food ©KelvynSkee/Flick

The famous Mexican salsa sauce

Mexican salsa sauces that are served next tortilla are real specialties. The most important ones are: the raw salsa, prepared from finely chopped raw vegetables, the tomato salsa, made from tomatoes, coriander and chili, the jitomate salsa, which is a hot sauce of tomato and chili and salsa chipotle that is made of smoked jalapeno peppers in tomato sauce.

Famous Mexican salsa

Famous Mexican salsa ©stu_spivack/Flick

The fabulous chili

Contrary to popular belief, not all Mexican food is spicy, at least not for ordinary tastes. Chili peppers are used to flavor food and for extra intensity of sauces. They are valued especially for their special flavor, that for how spicy they are. There are known about 90 kinds of chili with various colors, shapes and tastes.

Chilli pepper, main ingredient in Mexican food

Chilli pepper, main ingredient in Mexican food ©dbeck03/Flick

Traditional foods and desserts

The traditional foods in Mexico are the chicken, the turkey and the pork, and the most popular soup is the chicken soup flavored with lemon. The traditional food for celebrations is cooked turkey or turkey with a thick brown sauce of chili, spices, nuts and dark chocolate.

The favorite cake in Mexico is flan that is a kind of pudding and cakes with honey walnuts.

Flan, the favourite Mexican desert

Flan, the favourite Mexican desert ©goodiesfirst/Flick

In see areas Mexicans prefer dishes from fish and other sea creatures. These Mexican meals include lobster, shrimp, mussels, oysters or crawfish. Most often they are served grilled or with garlic.


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