Must see attractions in Cancun

Cancun ©ItsVernon/flickr

Cancun ©ItsVernon/flickr

In Cancun, the must see is the El Rey Ruins (Zona Arqueologica El Rey) at Isla Cancun off Kulkulkan Boulevard. El Rey ‘The King’ was named for the ceremonial mask, a sculpture of a nobleman and a skull found on the site that honors the Maya Sun God.

It is a nestled lagoon side among the mangroves or you can explore the Maya ruins are adjacent to the golf course. Amazing vistas atop the Post Classical Period Maya Plazas and the Nichupte’ Lagoon. The entrance fee is US$3 and it opens from 8am to 5pm.

Mayan Glyphs and 1000 year old Mural paintings

It was estimated that the ancient Maya occurred in 900 AD and continued in part il 1550 AD. It only ended at the start of the Spanish Conquest. There are at least 47 Maya structures, two primary platforms and temples still evident and are believed to be the remains of religious ceremonial buildings and market areas. Look at those Maya engravings in the building stones and Mayan Glyphs and mural paintings with almost a thousand years old. In 2006, some skeleton of an ancient Maya on the park edges were even uncovered.

Family Activities

If you are the sporty type who know horseback riding, in Cancun, you can try the Bonanza Ranch where you can horseback ride through the jungle and next to the beach shore. Or take the Ultramar, a passenger ferry service to islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. Making day trips from Playa del Carmen and to Isla Mujeres from Puerto Juarez is quick and not too costly, is a great fun for families. Then before returning to your accommodation, try the Fish Spa Mexico with Garra Rufa Fish that gently suck dead cells from the outer layer of skins.

Swimming with Dolphins

Cancun dolphins ©Morgan Pollack/flickr

Cancun dolphins ©Morgan Pollack/flickr

Sporty race car tracks in Cancun at Quintana RooDrive gives the most exotic rides. The other family activity is swimming with dolphins. See the World’s best dolphinarium called Dolphinaris Cancun. Or you can bring your family to the Delphinus water park as they have a Mexican Carribean open sea as it allows you a natural interaction with dolphins, dolphin ride and also the Primax dolphin swim too.

Iguanas & Peacocks

Want to see some other exotic reptiles? The wandering Iguana population calls Ruinas Del Rey site its home. With park guides that feed the Iguanas routinely, this place serves as great photographic opportunities and you can see a few peacocks meandering the site too.

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