Romantic and Luxurious Mexico

©Aquarela 08/flickr

©Aquarela 08/flickr

If you are planning a getaway to Mexico, you may plan one that is fascinating yet romantic.

San Miguel de Allende

Starting your journey at the enchanting San Miguel de Allende. Here you can explore Mexico’s colonial heartland with cobblestone backstreets lined with colonial buildings, contemporary galleries, lively markets and beautiful home and gardens.


Then to Guanajuato, a UNESCO listed town. It is best to get there for a day excursion. Guanajuato used to be settled by the Spanish in the 1520s. Here is also where you tastes its many Mexican cuisine such as their traditionally eat dishes ranging from carnitas, tamales, birria and pozole. There are also some fascinating archeological sites such as Chupicuaro, Carabino, Plazuelas, Peralta and Canada de la Virgen.

Punta Mita

Punta Mita is a 1,500 acre beachfront village. It is a place with evidence of prehistoric human settlement in Nayarit. There is a hilltop archaeological site called Careyeros Hill on the Punta de Mita that dated back to circa 800 AD. Punta Mita has the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, so you can expect very gentle sea breezes if you visit at anytime of the year. The three sides of Punta Mita is surrounded by 15.3 kilometers of the Ocean beaches and coves such as the Litibu Bay. If you like national parks, you can take a fifteen minutes boat ride to the Marietta Islands.


For gastronomy lovers, you must not miss Oaxaca. Lots of food markets, local Indian markets, craft villages and art galleries are all around. See the local artisans who are great in black pottery, textiles and wood carvings. Here you can explore the Zapotec and Mixtec ruins. Try the local specialities such as the Oaxacan chocolate and the Oaxaca cheese. And of course, you should visit the Mezcal distillery and make some mole sauces just for fun.

Mexico City


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For it is a vibrant capital of Mexico, Mexico City is sophiscated and a great place to discover the local history and culture. Visit the interesting neighborhoods of great variety. There are also colorful markets, museums and gallery districts. Check out the murals and explore ruins from the Templor Mayor to the pyramids at Teotihuacan. A private canal cruise throught the floating gardens at Xochimilco should at some touches of luxury.


After you continue to Merida exploring the surrounding Mayan villages and ruins, make time to spend some exclusive yet relaxing days on the Riviera Maya beach resort.

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