San Marcos Festival in Mexico

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Cockfights, dance, music and horse racing. The San Marcos Festival is particularly celebrated in Aguascalientes with traditional candies. Check out the beautiful San Marcos Garden and its artistic expressions. Grupera, rock and pop music artists gathered on stage with their dance and craft performances. This is one of the largest festival and it usually begins in the mid April until early May at the San Marcos Church and its neoclassical garden. These days, it has expanded even to bullrings, nightclubs, performance stages, theme parks, convention centers and exposition spaces. Some hotels and places of attractions also have its celebrations thus attracting more than six million visitors yearly.


In the western central Mexico is the city of Aguascalientes. It is 1880 meters above sea level and historically, this place has the most Spanish influence in the architectures. The national fair starts around 25th of April on the Feast Day of San Marcos. It was not like this at first as the fair was more tied to the harvesting of grapes or vendimia. Today, the heavy association of this fair is it being a tourist attraction where you can see cockfighting and bullfighting events. Do not be surprise if all the hotels are all booked up. One alternative to get accommodation is seeking the locals who rent out their houses during this particular time.

Livestock Fair and Charreadas

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The San Marcos National is supported by the state and you can find the cock fighting or the bull fighting the most popular. There are concerts that followed the cockfights, you can also see mechanical games, sponsored stands, stages, concerts theatre plays, traditional poetry performances etc. Livestock Fairs are common and the Charreada which is about rodeo, animal husbandry practices on the haciendas of old Mexico. Participants usually wear the traditional charro clothing like the wide brim sombrero, boots, chaps amd fitted suits. Opening ceremony usually features participants on horseback with a mariachi band playing Marcha Zacatecas. Reining or Cala de Caballo is the ‘talent show’ of the horses to canter, slide stop, gallop, backing as well as spinning on its hind legs. Heeling or Piales en Lienzo is about the horsemen throwing a lariat. Steer Tailing or Jineteo de Toro is a rodeo event with smaller bulls which are ridden til they stop bucking. Team roping, backback on a wild mare, forefooting, forefooting on horseback, the pass of death or El Paso de la Muerte and finally Escaramuza by teams of women performing the precision equestrian displays riding.


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