Sayulita, Wildmex Surfing and Family Fun

Blue footed Boobies ©

Blue footed Boobies

For the adventurous type, Wildmex surfing is a must when you visit Mexico, Sayulita. This is the number one activity as Wildmex specialize in surf camps, trips in the Sayulita and Punta Mita area. The surf spots chosen are ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers. You get to learn to surf in a progressive, fun and friendly manner. The water in the Mexican Pacific Ocean is warm, so you can also do paddle boarding, sea kayaking, snorkel safari etc. On land there are mountain biking as well as horse back riding. For day trip or for weekend long surf camps, you choose what you want and they will fulfill it including the airport transfers from the airport to the kayak rental.

Sayulita Sailing Explorations

A boat trip was the best value you can get. From a great mix of people you go out with, to the crew, the food, music and drinks. Tons of fun awaits you as this is not at all a booze cruise. See the humpbacks which comes to the southern part to give birth usually early December til end March. You can even see them with their young. Watch the whales play in the water, colorful tropical fish, explore the caves, sail in the sea and do snorkeling. At about seventy up to ninety dollars each person (during the peak season), you can do a 40 foot trimaran tour. The price include full day of sailing and all on board amenities such as fishing gear, snorkel gear, kayak’s and both breakfast and lunch other than the open bar. The high season refers to October til May and from June to September it is the low season. Snorkel off to the unspoiled and untouched Marietta Islands. Try to catch the Sula nebouxi bird that is blue-footed, it is a special type which can be found here other than in the Galapagos islands. If you like sport fishing, you can find sea bass, red snapper and even mahi mahi at this bountiful bay.

Marrietta Islands

Maririetta Islands

Maririetta Islands

This is also protected as one of Mexico’s National parks. Blue-footed boobies are amazing sights not to be missed. Go to the untouched ecological conservatory and be amazed by what you gonna see. At the Marietta Islands fishing charters, sometimes you might even be able to catch Crevalle Jack, African Pompano, Cubera Snappers and even Yellow Fin Tuna.


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