Shopping and getting around in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen beach

Playa del Carmen beach ©daryl_mitchell/Flick

Playa del Carmen is a pedestrian friendly city. A bicycle is a fun alternative to walking. There are several bike rental shops and car rentals on the 5th Ave. In the city you can travel by bus, a cheap means of transport here. Organized excursions by bus are also offered by a variety of companies that cross the Maya Riviera & Yucatan including Tulum, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Mahahual, Ek Balam, Celestun, Rio Lagartos, Merida, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Coba, Sian Ka ‘ year, Xcaret, Xelha.

Local transport involves the following average costs: a ticket for local transport is 5.00 MXN, and 1 liter of petrol is 11.00 MXN.


Shops in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is filled with tourist shops called “Artesanias”. They practicly sell the same products – shirts, bracelets, and souvenirs, but at different rates, depending on the mood of the merchant and your power to negotiate.

Artesanias in Playa del Carmen

Artesanias in Playa del Carmen ©sigsegv/Flick

There are three supermarkets in Playa del Carmen: the Wal -Mart (30 Ave and Calle 8), the Mexicana Comercial MEGA (30 Ave and Constituyentes), and the Chedraui (Highway 307 between Playa del Carmen and Playacar). There are two main shopping centers on the outskirts city ​: the Centro de Maya (on the right of Highway 307) and the Las Americas Plaza (the entrance is on the right side of the highway). Both shopping centers have multiscreen cinemas and large supermarkets (Soriana and Chedraui).

Clothing and shoes can be purchased at average prices. A pair of Levis 501 (or equivalent) can be purchased at 1,200.00 MXN, a summer dress in a store (Zara, H & M, etc..) for about 600.00 MXN, a pair of Nike shoes cost 950.00 MXN, and a pair of leather shoes for men is 500.00 MXN.

Playa del Carmen beach

Playa del Carmen beach ©daryl_mitchell/Flick

Food prices in Playa del Carmen

If you want to shop in Playa del Carmen, you will find the following prices: 1 liter milk – 14.50 MXN, fresh white bread (500g) – 28.50 MXN, eggs (12) – 25.00 MXN, local cheese (1kg) – 130.00 MXN, boneless chicken breast (1 kg) – 95.00 MXN, apples (1 kg) – 41.00 MXN, orange (1 kg) – 28.00 MXN, potatoes (1 kg) 35.00 MXN, water (1.5 liter bottle) – 12.00 MXN, bottle of wine – 100.00 MXN, domestic beer (0.5 liter bottle) – 12.00 MXN, imported beer (0.33 liter bottle) – 25.00 MXN, pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) – 43.50 MXN.

Restaurant prices in Playa del Carmen

If you eat in the restaurant in Playa del Carmen, a cheap meal can cost about 70.00 MXN, a table for two that includes three dishes, can cost about MXN 250.00.00. The cost of indigenous beers (0.5 liters) is 27.50 MXN, while imported beer (0.33 liter bottle) is 40.00 MXN.

Nature near Playa del Carmen

Nature near Playa del Carmen ©Redeo/Flick


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