Shopping in Merida

Restaurant in Merida

Restaurant in Merida @VasenkaPhotography/Flick

Merida has a tropical wet and dry climate. The average annual temperature is up to 33 °C, ranging from 28 °C in January to 36 °C in May, but temperatures frequently rise above 38 °C. The minimum temperature is 18 °C in January and 23 °C in May and June. The rainy season lasts from June to October, associated with the Mexican monsoon.

It is very important to make your luggage properly, take the right clothes when you travel to Merida based on the season that you choose for you holiday, have comfortable shoes with you, and of course, toiletries and medical supplies.


Traditional clothes

If you want to make a shopping in Merida you should know that the city is famous for the guayabera, a shirt for men. The traditional Guayaberas are white, made ​​from cotton and often embroidered. Here you will find also hipiles dresses or tunics worn by indigenous women in the region. Hipiles are often white with colorful embroidered designs.The hammocks that you will find in Merida are of high quality and are made of cotton. They are extremely popular and commonly used throughout the region.

Common clothes

Clothing and shoes in Merida can be purchased at average prices: a pair of Levis 501 (or equivalent) is 600.00 MXN, a summer dress in a store (Zara, H&M,..) is 800.00 MXN, a pair of Nike shoes is 950.00 MXN, a pair of leather shoes for men is 1,000.00 MXN.

On the streets of Merida

On the streets of Merida @brookpeterson/Flick

Shopping for food

If you want to shop in the markets of Merida, you will find the following prices: 1 liter milk is 14.00 MXN, a fresh white bread (500g) is 19.00 MXN, the eggs (12) are 20.00 MXN, local cheese (1kg) is 100.00 MXN, a boneless chicken breast (1 kg) is 57.50 MXN; apples (1 kg) are 42.50 MXN; oranges (1 kg) are 35.00 MXN, tomatoes (1 kg) can be purchased at 23.00 MXN, the water (1.5 liter bottle) costs 12.00 MXN, a bottle of wine is 160.00 MXN, a domestic beer (0.5 liter bottle) is around 12.00 MXN, and the imported beer (0.33 liter bottle) is 16.00 MXN.

In the city of Merida, Mexico

In the city of Merida, Mexico @VasenkaPhotography/Flick

Restaurant and transportation costs

If you eat in a restaurant in the city of Merida, a cheap meal can cost about 75.00 MXN, a table for two that includes three dishes, can cost about 365.00 MXN. The cost of indigenous beers (0.5 liters) is 16.00 MXN, while imported beer (0.33 liter bottle) is 60.00 MXN. A cost of a Cappuccino is 22.50 MXN, while a Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) costs 8.00 MXN and a flat water (0.33 liter bottle) is 6.00 MXN.

Restaurant in Merida

Restaurant in Merida @VasenkaPhotography/Flick

Local transport involves the following average costs: a ticket is 6.00 MXN, and gasoline (1 liter) is at a price of 10.75 MXN.



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