Short tourist guide to the Mexican culture

Mexican musicians

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Mexico is an amazing and complex country with a multi-layered history that offers 1001 reasons to visit it. If you travel for the first time to Mexico be ready to meet the crowds of the big cities, more noise, bustle and poverty than you are used to see for example in the Western European countries. But don’t worry, Mexicans will gladly help you to feel at home in their country. You can learn a few Spanish phrases that will help you to socialize better with the locals.

We propose you today to get a little more familiar with the Mexican culture before visiting this unique country, because this way you can avoid many inconveniences.

We briefly present three aspects of Mexican culture: the Mexican cuisine, folk handicrafts art and handicraft and traditions.

Mexican cuisine

Cuisine must be an important part of our tourist guide to the Mexican culture. The Mexican cuisine is much more than the famous tacos and tortillas; it is extremely varied and delicious. Taste as many specific preparations as you can while you are visiting Mexico: chiles rellenos, quesillo, tlayudas and tamales. Don’t forget to complete your spicy food with tequila, mezcal or pulque.
If you’re vegetarian, the dishes prepared exclusively from vegetables will delight you. The Mexican cuisine combines the citrus fruits of Yucatan with honey, the chili peppers with saffron, annatto seeds, capers or plums. It is a real feast for the taste buds! Moreover, in Mexico, in Puerto Vallerta there are two festivals that celebrates the cuisine!

Mexican food

Mexican food ©logatfer/Flick

Handicrafts and folk art

The Mexican crafts and folk arts are the result of the skills and the knowledge passed from generation to generation over the centuries and are an important part of the Mexican culture.
It is a good idea to bring one more bag when you travel to Mexico, because most likely it will be filled with many things bought Mexico. There are a lot of hand-made items that will enchant you: silver jewelry, glassware directly from glassware workshops, Talavera pottery and other ceramics, wood carvings, ponchos, baskets, hats (sombreros or the so-called Panama hats that are actually made in Mexico).

Mexican craftshop

Mexican craftshop ©jugarsan/Flick

Culture and traditions

Mexicans are very proud of their culture and traditions, which is perfectly reflected in their daily activities as well as in the exuberant way they celebrate the important occasions with music, dance, processions and parades.
The most important celebrations and festivals in Mexico include the Independence Day, the Day of the Dead, Christmas, the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Carnival, the Lent, the Holy Week and the Hallowmas.

Mexican musicians

Mexican musicians ©Rafael Gomez – http//:

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