The 18 Best Mexican Dishes


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Mexicans love food, especially the one made in their own country. Make a visit to Mexico and you will quickly understand the importance of food in their lives.

Mexican cuisine has little to do with foods that are served in Mexican restaurants abroad. For many tourists, the first experience with the real Mexican food is a big surprise – no waiters with large hats, margaritas with different flavors or nachos with cheese on the menu. Authentic Mexican food is fresh, simple, often made from local ingredients.


For those who will want to taste typical Mexican specialties, we recommend the following 18 best Mexican dishes:

Mexican food with meat

1. Chili con carne – colored bean mixture, more kinds of meat, peppers, vegetables and spices

Chili con carne

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2. Atun from Parrilla – grilled tuna steak with red and green salsa

3. Chalupas – tortilla baked in the oven, stuffed with meat and mashed beans.


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4. Cochin pibil – pork in spicy sauce, baked in the oven

5. Huevos motuleňos – tortilla with ham, poached eggs and a sauce of cheese, peas and tomatoes

6. Chiles en nogada – hot green pepper filled with minced meat and almonds on top with walnut sauce and decorated with pomegranate red berries (the color combination represents the Mexican flag – green, white, red – this Mexican dish is called “independence food”)

Chiles en nogada

Chiles en nogada ©Daniel Dionne/Flick

7. Pallo’s pibil – Yucatan specialty, chicken baked in achioto mixture and orange sauce.

8. Tostadas – crispy fried tortilla with meat or fish and various sauces with mashed beans, chopped onions and grated cheese.


Tostadas ©TheCulinaryGeek

Mexican food with vegetables and other ingredients

1. Arroz a la Mexicana – rice cooked with tomatoes, carrots and peas, therefore it has red color

2. Crepas of cuitlacoche – salted crepes stuffed with mushrooms (a special kind of mushroom on crepes made of corn flour)

3. Chilaquiles – tortilla slices in tomato sauce, sprinkled with onions and cheese


Chilaquiles ©katiebordner/Flick

4. Chiles rellenos – chili peppers filled with cheese or minced meat, wrapped in dough, fried and then poured with tomato sauce.

5. Huevos rancheros – poached eggs on fried tortilla with tomato sauce

6. Enfrijoladas – tortilla baked in the oven with bean sauce

7. Enchiladas – tortillas baked in the oven in foil or bent with various fillings, for example “A la Suiza” (with sour cream), “entomatadas” (with tomatoes) nebo “enfrijoladas” (with mashed beans)


Enchiladas ©mdid/Flick

8. Gorditas – fat tortilla filled with cheese

9. Quesadillas – tortilla baked in the oven or on the grill filled with cheese or vegetables, it can have a cheese sauce or can be served with roasted beans or mushrooms.

10. Tostaditas – fried tortillas split in four and served with salsou a guacamole


Tostaditas ©phandcp/Flick


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