The Great Mexican Hideout – Costalegre

Mex Peppers ©stevendepolo/flickr

Mex Peppers ©stevendepolo/flickr

Soak yourself in a luxurious Mexican trip by making your dream of a luxurious experience that Mexico can offer come true. Smacked between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, exotic resort hotels awaits you. Be in seclusion and have your own privacy. In anyway, try to discover the Costalegre through its excellent spa treats. There are also hidden coves, villages and interesting little towns along Highway 200. Where else can you find mountainside along the coast? Take it slow and easy is the best way to experience Costalegre. Tropical paradise with a whole lot of hidden treasures all in line.

Best-Kept Sports Fishing Secrets

Fishing is one of the most beloved sports and for some it is a passion. Ten thousand kilometers of coastline to offer you unparalleled world-class fishing opportunities. Exhilarating and fun-filled experiences are promised by this given place. Be aware that the rainy season is from May to October. It has fierce rains like the other monsoon areas. In late afternoon, it is brief rain, so you experience dry and cool evenings. In September, it is rather humid, there are also heavy rain like never in the other months. The winter season are cool, so bring with you a pullover to stay warm in the early mornings as well as the evening time.

Rustic Villages

Chihuahua ©Erick Muñiz/flickr

©Erick Muñiz/flickr

Melaque and Tenacatita, Barra de Navidad are for those who likes an inexpensive retreat. No frills. Just quietness and being away from the modernity and sophistication from the busy city. Getting there can be easier by flying to Manzanillo. Manzanillo has lots of palm trees that lined the land and coastal shores. Miles and miles of it. Imagine the touch of golden sand beaches for your tired feet. On the Satiago Peninsula or the downtown. As for Barra de Navidad, it has good restaurants to offer a laid-back travel. It has tree-lined streets and an easy going relaxing atmosphere. Melaque is known for its inexpensive hotels and works best to be use as base. Explore the other parts of that area and check out Tenacatita, Jalisco. By the ocean and as a small rustic village, it is economical to travel there and join in the open-air bars. Beach fanatics will like that decency at the beach whether to sunbathe, to relax, to chill or to just do nothing.

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