The main attractions at Tulum

Relaxing in Tulum

Relaxing in Tulum ©sarah|rose/Flick

The current name of Tulum refers to the huge walls that protected the sacred city built  by the Mayans on the seaside being the only one with such a location, all other sites being in the middle of the jungle.

Nowadays, over 60 restored temples can still be visited in the Tulum Archaeological Park, revealing glimpses of the lavish ceremonial life which took place in the area. Tulum is the third most important Mayan ruin of the hundreds existing in Mexico after Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza. The most famous buildings include the Castle, the tallest building in the complex, located on a sea cliff and the Temple of the Descending God.

The temple is famous for its carved facade bearing the figure of a man who is a jumping from a great height.

People still keep alive the ancient Mayan culture, speaking this mysterious language or  bringing the Mayan beliefs and habits into the present. Life has a smooth flow in the small town of the Caribbean coast and people talk about what they have or what is missing with no frustration, with the serenity and acceptance of the sages of the ancient times.

Mayan city of Tulum

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The beaches of Tulum

The beaches of Tulum are all seem to be from the postcards of exotic holiday destinations, where the turqoise water of the warm and inviting sea is blending with the surreal fine and white-gold sand and the palm trees that surround the entire seaside. Perhaps the most famous of the beaches is the Boca Paila, located at the intersection of the Caribbean Sea and the Muyil Lagoon, a place of a wild beauty, yet to invaded by tourists and a haven for amateur fishermen that want to enjoy the absolute quietness. We have to note that all of the beaches are public, although the mostly have to be accessed crossing the private locations of the hotels on the beach.

Relaxing in Tulum

Relaxing in Tulum ©sarah|rose/Flick

Destinations near Tulum

Tulum is also a starting point to other nearby destinations. At only 10 kilometers in the north is the Xel-Ha water amusement park, where you can swim with dolphins or manatees, along with many other incredible activities. The older brother of Xel-Ha,the  Xcaret, is located next to the Playa del Carmen, at a half hour drive from Tulum.

Several archaeological sites are easily accessible from Tulum as well including Muyil at 22 km to the south in the Sian Ka’an reserve, an ensemble of six structures that can be seen from the boat, and Coba at 45 km to the west towards Valladolid. The piramid of Cobá has 42 m being is the highest Mayan building in Yucatan and offers an incredible view of Lake Cobá. On the same road to Valladolid worth visiting Ek Balam and Chichen Itza, the latter being in the list of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Postcard of Tulum

Postcard of Tulum ©roger4336/Flick

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