Things that make Mexico unique

Beautiful unique Mexican beaches

Beautiful unique Mexican beaches ©adpowers/Flick

Mexico is known for its fantastic beaches and Mayan and Aztec ruins and pyramids.

But this country full of history has much more to offer and that is why it is the tenth in the list of preferences of tourists from around the world when it comes to holiday destinations.

Every country has some special characteristics that make it special.

Today we would like to present you the most beautiful and popular things about Mexico, the things that make Mexio unique.


The rich history of Mexico

When it comes to history, Mexico is a really rich country with a unique history. The Mayans, Aztecs, Hernan Cortez and Montezuma are only some of the landmarks of its history. The past of this country is complex and colorful. As far as we know in the area of Mexico lived at least 12 different pre-Columbian civilizations, which have known triumph and then decay. The Mexican nation belonged to several different empires as well. Archaeologists discover every year new historical sites.

Historical site in Mexico

Historical site in Mexico ©sebpaquet/Flick

Diverse Mexican people

Mexicans are a combination of over 50 different indigenous groups. This means that almost all Mexican citizens have indigenous blood flowing through the veins. The inhabitants of this country are very friendly and proud of their country’s unique culture and heritage.

The colorful Mexican music

The most popular and unique style of Mexican music is the one played by mariachi. Other popular styles include traditional songs played on drums, dance, vocals and acoustic guitar in a potpourri of musical styles as tamborazo and rancher. In the local restaurants you will also find singers that performs ballads of love.

Mariachi, the unique Mexican musicians

Mariachi, the unique Mexican musicians ©cowbite/Flick

The famous Mexican food

The unique Mexican food is worldwide famous, but the offers are much more varied than tacos, fajitas, burritos, chili pepper, beans and tomatoes. In fact, the majority of Spanish food is made of corn. People here have done corn tortillas for centuries, because they used the corn varieties grown in the country. You will also find other excellent dishes with vegetables, seafood and meat.

The beautiful Mexican waters

Mexico is the place where you will find some of the most beautiful unique beaches in the world.  There are crystal clear warm waters and golden sands along the coast. In the mountains you will find pools, and thermal water springs.

Beautiful unique Mexican beaches

Beautiful unique Mexican beaches ©adpowers/Flick

The climate in Mexico

Mexico has one of the mildest climates on the planet. Inside the country, the daytime minimum daytime is around 26 Celsius degrees, and after sunset are 15 Celsius degrees. The seaside resorts maintain a pleasant climate due to breezes, and mountain resorts are also quite warm.

The famous Mexican mountains

Besides the absolutely fantastic beaches, Mexico has some unique mountains and volcanoes. In the country are some famous mountain ranges such as the Sierra Madre Oriental, Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre del Sur.

Unique mountains in Mexico

Unique mountains in Mexico ©Lochaven/Flick

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