Things you should know before a surgery in Mexico

Mexican Hospital

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Medical tourism in Mexico is increasing year after year and slowly becomes a usual option in the life of the American citizens. They opt for many kind of surgeries and treatments because of the lower prices and an increasing quality of the services. There are some really high quality hospitals that meet any demand. You might not be expected, but Mexican doctors sometimes have more experience in some domains and many medical procedures than their colleagues in the United States.

This is mainly because some procedures take much longer to be approved in the U.S. We present you some things you should know before a surgery in Mexico.

Passport and money, two indispensable goods

First of all, take care of you passport, while being on a medical travel in Mexico, which is the most important document you have with yourself. Take precautions, in case of a loss, have your documents scanned in your email.

The US dollar can be used in many places, but it is better to have with you Mexican peso as well. Changing the money can be difficult or not possible at all, so be prepared for any situation. You can also pay with card, but you should inform your bank in advance so you can surely use it while gone on a surgery in Mexico. The best is to leave your jewelry at home and don’t walk with too much cash.

Hospital in La Paz

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Taking in account the weather conditions

Although Mexico is close to the United States and Canada, there might be some changes of climate and altitude that affect you body. You should be aware of these, drink much bottled water.

If you are going to Mexico in summer, there are some must haves, doesn’t matter if you are going on a surgery and not to relax. These include something to wear on your head, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion.

Medical care in Mexico

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Driving in Mexico

If you want to use a car while visiting Mexico for a surgery, think in advance. Check to have an insurance that is useful in Mexico as well, be informed regarding the traffic rules, and you must be at least 25 years old. If you want to use a rented car, make the booking in advance, and check before leaving the U.S. if everything is fine with your reservation.

Mexican Hospital

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Be prepared to speak Spanish

In most of the main places and especially in the hospitals people speak English, but you might need to talk to someone who speaks only Spanish, so it is advisable if you have with you some of the basic Spanish words and their meaning in English. We provide you a short list that might be useful.

Main words and expressions in Spanish


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