Top 3 things you should know before visiting Tulum

Hotel in Tulum

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When you get for the first time to Tulum, you might ask if you got into the wrong location: the small and quiet town, with its main street full of souvenir shops and restaurants, not seems to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. But Tulum reveals the visitor like a flower, petal by petal, place after place, as you give time for exploration.

Tulum is located at about 130 kilometers to the south from the Cancun International Airport and is easily accessible in about an hour on the motorway that is linking localities distributed on the Mexican Caribbean coast. As you get farther and farther from Cancun, you will thing that you are going back in time as you see the villages that you pass, and Tulum is an excellent example of these.

Weather in Tulum

The tourist season is from January to March, when temperatures during the day are between 27 and 30 °C, and the rains are rare. But in this period because the number of tourists is high, you can expect for congestion at all of the main tourist sites.

Weather in Tulum

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From April to June the temperature easily reaches 30 °C and in June chances of rain are high. As Tulum is on the path of the Atlantic tropical storms (season from June to November, especially from mid-August to mid October), prices fall sharply in July to the end of November, but during a holiday in this period you must take into account the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane (although temperatures remain pleasant, less than 30 °C).

The December remains a good month for a vacation in Tulum, it is like a window between the hurricane season and the tourist masses. The sea temperature varies throughout the year between 26 °C (January-March) and 29 °C (August-October).

Payment in Tulum

In Tulum prices are usually accompanied by the $ symbol, but most of the time it is the local currency, pesos, not U.S. dollars. U.S. Dollars are accepted in most locations along with pesos, but we have to note that the conversion is not done at the best possible course. To change money, preferably from dollars to pesos, the first option is the banks, but they are opened only from Monday to Friday until 16:30. The rate of the exchange offices is generally lower than that of banks.

ATM in Tulum

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Accommodation and other prices

The accommodation prices in Tulum vary depending on the hotel and the package chosen, they can be between 55 and $ 400 per night (per room). Day trips organized by various agencies costs mostly between 70 and 100 dollars, and car rental prices start at $ 20 per day. The price for a meal in a restaurant vary, depending on the location, between 10 and 20 USD.

Hotel in Tulum

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