Top 7 most interesting things in Mexico

La Quebrada Cliff Diver in Mexico

La Quebrada Cliff Diver in Mexico ©prayitno

Mexico is among the ten most visited tourist destinations around the world and this is not surprising at all. It has everything that a tourist could need: famous mountains, lakes and rivers, beautiful beaches, historical buildings and archeological sites.

We already described many places and aspects of this magnificent country, but today we would like to present you the top 7 most interesting things in Mexico.

Obviously, this list is based on a subjective opinion and we would gladly read your suggestions as well.

The place where the gods were born

In translation, the name of the Teotihuacán archaeological site means “the place where gods were born” and reflects the Aztec faith as it was the place where the gods created the universe. Located at 48 kilometers from the capital of Mexico, this archaeological site hosts one of the largest pyramids in the world, known as the Pyramid of the Sun. From everything that was built somewhere around the year 300 BC, remained three pyramids, altars of sacrifice and a few houses.


Teotihuacan ©Laura Rush/Flick

One of the 7 new wonders of the world

The El Castillo Pyramid located in the center of the Chichen Itza archaeological site, was voted as one of the seven new wonders of the world. If you arrive at Chichen Itza in the morning, before the site was opened for tourists, you will be able to enjoy an amazing show: the fog gradually disappears and the pyramid appears.

The museum of the sacred caves

At 4 km from the Chichen Itza archaeological site are found the Balankanche sacred caves. This is a really interesting place in Mexico as in 1959, a local guide found a false wall inside the cave that hid an entire complex of caves. In the caves were found pottery, jewelry and other objects dating from the pre-Columbian period. After being studied by specialists, they were returned to the place where you can find a real underground museum today.

The Balankanche sacred caves

The Balankanche sacred caves ©lightmatter/Flick

Dia de Muertos

In the first two days of December in Mexico is celebrated “Dia de Muertos”. This is an interesting Mexican custom. The family and friends of the deceased gather and pray for the person missing among them. They build altars in the honor of the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds and the favorite foods and beverages of the deceased. These altars they take to the graveyard as gifts. Sounds pretty macabre, but what can you do? It is a tradition.

Volcano scuba diving

The height of 5426 m of the Popocateptl active volcano assures the second place among the highest peaks in Mexico. The name of the mountain can be translated as “the mountain that smokes”. If you choose to climb the volcano, besides the beautiful scenery seen on the way to the top, you will be rewarded with a session or scuba diving in the crater filled with water.

Mount Popocatepetl

Mount Popocatepetl ©CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK/Flick

The cradle of the Mariachi

The city of Guadalajara is considered to be the cradle of the Mariachi. In Guadalajara you can sit at a table in the Plazuela de los Mariachis and listen to mariachi groups who demonstrate talent hoping to get a small tip. They can be found there day and night, but the place is the busiest and is the most spectacular at Saturday night and on Sunday afternoon.

Extreme jumps into the Pacific Ocean

La Quebrada is a cliff in Acapulco where you can try extreme jumps directly into the Pacific Ocean. It is enough to look at the videos on youtube and you have a strange feeling in your stomach watching the professional jumpers diving from a height of 45 meters directly into the ocean from the La Quebrada cliff. Besides courage you also need experience to choose the right moment for the jump, otherwise you can hurt yourself or even worse. The professional jumpers from La Quebrada have a long history, it is a interesting real family tradition that was formalized in 1934 when the group of La Quebrada Cliff Divers was formed.

La Quebrada Cliff Diver in Mexico

La Quebrada Cliff Diver in Mexico ©prayitno

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