Touring Mexico by Car

Atlantes Mexico ©Andre Deak/flickr

Atlantes Mexico ©Andre Deak/flickr

San Luis Potosi is a place to drive through. You can visit the Cave of the Swallows, Las Pozas in Xilitla, the Aquismon river, the Tamtoc archeological zone as well as the Media Luna lagoon. Chihuahua by car is taking a long time, due to its big area but surely if you are patient enough to drive through, you shall be greatly rewarded. There are the mountainous parts like the Casas Grandes. If you like archeological site, you should see the Paquime, Cueva Grande and also Cuarenta Casas and Ciudad Madera. Have you been highlighted about Chihuahua city? Otherwise, you should as it has a colonial beauty side of Mexico to offer.

Village tours in Chihuahua

Chihuahua has villages that are originally inhabited by the indigenous people. These people came principally from Raramuri-Tarahumara, Apache, pima, Comanche, Tepehuanes, Tapacolmes, Tobos, Concho, as well as Julimes. You can find traces of their living spaces in Paquime. Right now, there is a good mix of Spanish and American other than the indigenous people. So it is like entering a multicultural zone of Mexico. Chihuahua has also a majestic natural area that is protected where visitors can admire its scenic countryside. There are dense oak and pine forest and great areas to capture the most spectacular sunsets on your cameras. In winter, there are breathtaking views even the area is covered with snow. This area is called the Cumbres de Majalca National Park.

Sierra Tarahumara

Mexican ©archer10/flickr

Mexican ©archer10/flickr

This is a mountain range. It straddles Sierra Madre Occidental from north to the southern parts. Mostly the people live int he highland. You can reach there by the El Chepe tourist train that runs from the city of Chihuahua. From there, you can explore the other villages like Balleza, Batopilas, Calvo, Urique, Carichi, Guacohi, Bocoyna, Guadalupe, Uruachi and last but not least Morelos. The beautiful photos you can make of the imposing mountain peaks with these beautiful indigenous people are with the largest ethnic group called the Tarahumara.


The Mennonites are originating from Prussia and they crossed Russia. Then from Baltic Sea, they set sail to Canada and finally settle down in the northern Mexico. Many tourist can learn about their kind of lifestyle through the ”Meet the Mennonites” which is an official program.

Yucatan and Baja California by car

Places like Yucatan and Baja California can be explored by driving your car too. Some even go to the states of Michoacan other than the State of Mexico. The choices seemed limitless as there is also the coastal strip of Oaxaca.

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