Tourist guide to Aguascalientes

Museum in Aguascalientes

Museum in Aguascalientes ©Sachavir/Flick

Aguascalientes  is the capital and the largest city of the state with the same name, with a population of 1,000,000 inhabitants. It is located in north-central Mexico, on the banks of the Aguascalientes River, at an altitude of 1880 meters above sea level. More than two-thirds of the local population of Aguascalientes is of European origin, mostly French and Spanish.

Aguascalientes is a growing city from social, economic and tourist point of view. It is also the cleanest city in Latin America. We present a short tourist guide to Aguascalientes including the history of the city and the most important tourist attractions.

OCDE acknowledged that Aguascalientes is up to the standards of the best business climate in the world. Its first-class services and the hotel industry turned it into one of the most important centers in Mexico with numerous options of entertainment, gastronomy, leisure activities, arts and recreation.

San Antonio de Padua Church in Aguascalientes

San Antonio de Padua Church in Aguascalientes ©Catedralas e Iglesias/Flick

Short history of the city

The city was founded on the 22nd of October in 1575 by Juan de Montoro, as a resort between Zacatecas and Mexico City. Although its founders did not expect it to become a great city, became the capital of the newly formed state with the same name, when the adjacent area of Zacatecas was annexed to its territory in 1835.

The city of culture

Aguascalientes is a city that invests in culture. The Aguascalientes Theater is ranked as first, being one of the largest and most comfortable one in Mexico. It has the first opera theater and it is ecuipped with the latest technology.

Here takes place the largest festival in Mexico, the San Marcos Fair, which takes place from mid-April until the beginning of May. This event attracts almost 7 million visitors to Aguascalientes every year.

In Plaza San Marcos in Aguascalientes

In Plaza San Marcos in Aguascalientes ©jj.figueroa/Flick

Tourist attractions in the old town

The old town is situated around the town center and in the four original districts: Guadalupe, San Marcos, El Encino and La Estacion. A noticeable building here is the Baroque Government Palace, which dates from 1664 and is built of red volcanic stone. Another imposing building is the Cathedral of the city that was built in 1575 and is the oldest building in town.  The Our Lady of Guadalupe Church has a Baroque facade and is the work of José de Alcibar, a renowned architect, considered one of the most famous artists in Mexico in 1770

Museums in Aguascalientes

In the center lies the Aguascalientes Museum (Museo de Aguascalientes), an art museum housed in a classic building; the Guadalupe Posada Museum, which  presents the life and work of José Guadalupe Posada, and the History Museum which is housed in an elegant Art Nouveau building.

In the new town is located the Descubre Museo, an interactive museum of science and technology, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Railway Museum where is the first locomotive built in Mexico.

Museum in Aguascalientes

Museum in Aguascalientes ©Sachavir/Flick

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