Tourist guide to Cancun

The beach of Cancun

The beach of Cancun ©jthetzel/Flick

Cancun is a coastal city and a major tourist destination in Mexico. The peak tourist season in Cancun tends to run from December to April. Interest rates increase dramatically during this period. We offer you a short tourist guide to Cancun, one of the top vacation destinations in the world.

The Wilma Hurricane devastated the city in 2005, but was later recognized and now is a favorite tourist paradise. The white sandy beaches and the grand hotels attract tourists en masse. The calm waters and lifeguards certify child safety and the children’s clubs organize activities like beach volleyball, face painting and more.

The city of Cancun

The city of Cancun ©Krystal International Vacation Club/Flick

Tourist attractions

The nature reserves and the protected areas are inhabited by monkeys, flamingos, sharks, sea turtles and crocodiles. Guided tours are available for tourists who come to practice kayaking, hiking, snorkelling and diving, with the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

Tourists can visit the Aquarium of Cancun, enjoying this way what is marine life meaning, can snorkel on Isla Mujeres and can swim with dolphins at the Garrafón National Park. Boat trips are organized to see the birds nesting in the picturesque site of Isla Contoy. In July and August, in the lagoon of Isla Holbox whale sharks can be seen. These activities are only a small part of what Cancun can offer to you.

The beach of Cancun

The beach of Cancun ©jthetzel/Flick

Near Cancun are many Mayan sites that are easy to explore. They offer a unique insight into the precolumbian civilization in Mexico. Many tourists of Cancun go to visit Chichen Itza, that is at a 2-3 hours drive.

The two parts of Cancun

The city of Cancun is divided into two main areas, Zona Hotelera, an 18 miles long island with many large luxury hotels. Here you can also see the beautiful Laguna Nichupte. The second part of the city is called Ciudad Cancun, this part is located on the mainland. Most of the locals live in this part of the town and here tourists can also find budget accommodation. Ciudad Cancun and Zona Hotelera and united by a long causeway bridge. They are literally two different worlds. Ciudad Cancun has restaurants and bars along Avenida Yaxchitlan, Zona Hotelera is as opulent as Las Vegas, Nevada, with a beautiful beach, luxurious malls and attractive bars.

Cancun is a new resort, it was created as an attempt to replicate the success and popularity of Acapulco city. Cancun quickly evolved into a truly world-class resort. The developing global hotel complexes and infrastructure hardly keep up with the demand as Cancun attracts more tourists than Acapulco.

Coral reef in Cancun

Coral reef in Cancun ©a2gemma/Flick

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