Tourist guide to Cholula

The city of Cholula in Mexico

The city of Cholula in Mexico ©Felixe/Flick

Cholula is a city in central Mexico. The city is best known for the Great Pyramid and places of worship. The city is divided into two parts, San Pedro Cholula and San Andrés Cholula , which together are officially called Distrito Cholula de Rivadavia. Cholula has sunny days with high temperatures throughout the year. From November to March, rains rarely, but from April to October it rains on most of the afternoons.

Cholula has the one of the best nightlife facilities in Mexico. As a university city, Cholula has many nightclubs, bars, restaurants and cafes that can fit any budget; the prices are low because of the competition.

The city of Cholula

The city of Cholula ©GOC53/Flick

Tourist attractions

In the city Cholula you can visit the Tepanapa Pirámide, the largest pyramid in the world. The small museum near the Tepanapa Pirámide is interesting, but it is too often neglected.

The city has a number of traditional Mexican markets. The largest of these is the Mercado Municipal. This market has kept its traditional look, you will see here women placed on the floor selling seeds, flowers, herbs, and more.

It is said that the Cholula has 365 churches, one for every day of the year, in reality there are only thirty -seven churches, many of them offering tourists unique views. The most important festival period in Cholula begins at August 31 and lasts through mid-September.

The tourism of Cholula is based on the history of the city with major attractions as the Great Pyramid, the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios church, the monastery of San Gabriel and 37 more churches churches. Their photos are often used for promoting Mexico nationally.

Archeological site in Cholula

Archeological site in Cholula ©* CliNKer */Flick

Transportation in Cholula

Most of the sites in Cholula can be visited on foot. A large majority of the inhabitants of Cholulu and tourists are visiting the city by a bicycle. You can also visit the city by bus a ticket costs 5 pesos. The city has a bus station managed by the Estrella Roja company.

Accommodation possibilities in Cholula

Among the accommodation options we recommend are: La Quinta Luna, whose location dates back to the eighteenth century. The hotel cuisine is excellent. The Maria Sofia has 25 rooms. Guests can use free high speed wireless Internet. The Villas Arqueologicas Cholula has a view of lush gardens and a refreshing pool; the 44 rooms at Villas Cholula offers a peaceful retreat.

Shopping in Cholula

From Cholula you can purchase handmade textiles and ceramics. Cholula is at a few kilometers from the famous Talavera shops from which you can also buy great craft items.

The city of Cholula in Mexico

The city of Cholula in Mexico ©Felixe/Flick

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