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Hotel in Colima

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Colima is the capital of the state with the same name in Mexico. This town is located at an altitude of 550 meters above sea level and has has an area of ​​668.2 sq. km. The city is overshadowed by a volcano erupted several times in the past, the most recent eruption occurred in 1995. The city has a warm climate with summer rains.

The best months of the year to visit Colima is April, August and October. The average temperature in the city is 24 Celsius degrees. In other words, the climate of Colima is very pleasant throughout the year and offers the comfort of a nice vacation.

The city of Colima is surrounded by a modern infrastructure and is connected by a highway to Guadalajara and Manzanillo. The town also has a functional airport located in the architectural framework of Colimota. The city of Colima is full of palm trees, it is also known as the “City of Palms”. The climate and the excellent services makes Colima an ideal tourist destination.

The city of Colima in Mexico

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Tourist attractions in Colima

In the city of Colima you will find many tourist attractions: museums, regional parks, institutes, murals, universities and art galleries. The main attractions are the Institute of Fine Arts, the City Hall, the University of Colima and the Regional History Museum. You can also visit the Popular Art Culture Museum where you will see a large collection of costumes and musical instruments, which were collected from all over Mexico.

If you are interested in the culture of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, visit the History Museum in Colima, where you will see artifacts from the country’s pre-Hispanic culture, masks of the dancers, furniture, baskets and ceramics that show the ingenuity and talent of people of old times. Many archaeological sites have been discovered in and near Colima. The Western Culture Museum highlights the burial places that were discovered.

Precolumbian ruins of Colima

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Shopping in Colima

Colima is a major center of commerce, although it is a city rarely visited by tourists. Do not expect a wide range of shops and malls, most shopping facilities can be found in the city center. The downtown has three markets and shops that sell many kinds of products.

Accommodation possibilities in Colima

Colima offers several accommodation places to suit all budgets. Among the hotels in the city is remarkable the Best Western Hotel Ceballos – which provides its services in a historical framework, and the Hacienda de San Antonio – located in a wonderful natural setting at the base of the Colima volcano.

Hotel in Colima

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