Tourist guide to Costa Maya

Costa Maya in Mexico

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Costa Maya is a small tourist region located in Othon P. Blanco, Mexico. The area is generally undeveloped but it will surely be soon, as it was built building a large pier to accommodate cruise ships. Costa Maya includes two small villages: Mahahual and Xcalak. Xcalak is located at about 60 km from the Costa Maya Cruise Port, and the fishing village of Mahahual is located at about 3 km away.

The cruise ships can be easily seen from the village. Mahahual has sandy beaches, coral reef and several bars, restaurants and shops. When ships are in port, the village is busy with cruise passengers.

The Costa Maya Port has a new modern mall for tourists. The center has a central square with swimming pools and bars. There are many jewelry stores and many small shops selling souvenirs. It is generally open only to passengers on cruise ships.

Costa Maya in Mexico

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An abundance of Mayan ruins

Costa Maya is the closest place to many of the lesser known Mayan ruins in Yucatan, including Chacchoben and Kohunlich. These sites are substantially less excavated than the well-known pyramids of Tulum and Coba in the north, Chichen Itza and Uxmal in Yucatan. With a vast stretch of untouched coastal land, natural resources and rich historical and cultural influences, Costa Maya offers visitors an insight into the true essence of the Mayan culture and the Mexican heritage in the Caribbean. Costa Maya has the largest concentration of Mayan archaeological sites and the largest Maya population in Mexico.

Costa Maya as a diving paradise

Costa Maya has the second largest coral reef in the world, a Meso-American reef, which positions the region in the first world-class dive sites. The region offers its visitors miles of unspoiled beaches and clear waters, and hosts more than 60 types of coral and more than 500 species of fish, making it a paradise for any diving enthusiast.

Costa Maya in Mexico

Costa Maya in Mexico ©connermajik-e/Flick

Visit Costa Maya

Although it suffered extensive damage due to the Dean Hurricane in August 2007, the Port of Costa Maya has been rebuilt and is now exclusively for the cruise vessel industry.

For those looking for an exclusive and private getaway, a charter flight to Costa Maya may be the alternative. To get here, search for a flight to Cancun, the second most important airport in Mexico. From the Cancun airport you can book a private flight to Costa Maya. After a quick trip of an hour, you will arrive in the region of dreams.

Cruise ship in Costa Maya

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