Tourist guide to Cuernavaca

Cathedral in Cuernavaca

Cathedral in Cuernavaca ©Catedrales e Iglesias/Flick

Cuernavaca is the capital of Morelos, Mexico. It is a town located at 84 km to the south from Mexico City. Cuernavaca is a famous vacation spot among tourists due to comfortable weather conditions all year round, beautiful parks and gardens, convenient location in the country.

Be prepared for several micro- climates within the city and its surroundings, there are variations of up to 10 °C in less than a radius of 8 km. The warmest month of the year, has an average temperature of about 24.4 °C, the coldest month is January with an average of 19.6 °C. Cuernavaca has two distinct climates.

In the north is a temperate climate that is somewhat moist with rain predominantly in the summer. This area is covered by forests of pine and oak. In the south the climate is warmer.

City limits of Cuernavaca

City limits of Cuernavaca ©rutlo/Flick

Tourist attractions in Cuernavaca

In the city center are the main attractions of the city including the central square and the Cortes Palace. Every night of the week, in the central square you can enjoy the dancers, musicians and acrobats. The area is filled with vendors selling a variety of products.

Due to the large number of mountains, volcanoes, grasslands and rivers around Cuernavaca, the natural adventures are the favorite activities of visitors. Climbing, caving, golf, skydiving, kayaking, camping, rappelling, canyoning and even mountain biking are possible activities in this hot destination.

For those who want to relax, this city combines comfort, nature, beauty and relaxation in its spas. The Exclusive hotels inside and outside the city, awaits their visitors.

The always warm temperature of the city, its natural landscapes and vibrant cultural life make it a favorite destination for many tourists. Known as the “Eternal Spring City”, Cuernavaca is a destination chosen by many tourists also because of its proximity to Mexico City. At only 84 km from Mexico City, the capital of Morelos is a fun and relaxing location for almost all the people who came here, from Aztec kings and conquerors to princes, artists and many retirees.

Palacio de Cortés

Palacio de Cortés ©william.neuheisel/Flick

Accommodation facilities in Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca has many good hotels of different styles and categories among which we mention the Hospedaje Marilu, the Cuernavaca Student Lodging, the Las Lomas Bed & Breakfast and the Nuevo Hotel America.

Shopping in Cuernavaca

In the Palacio de Cortes Market you’ll find a large variety of Mexican souvenirs. The Galerías Cuernavaca contains a variety of shops, restaurants and a cinema. The Plaza Cuernavaca is an outdoor shopping center that includes various shops and restaurants.

Cathedral in Cuernavaca

Cathedral in Cuernavaca ©Catedrales e Iglesias/Flick


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