Tourist guide to Durango

The city of Durango

The city of Durango ©eadmund42/Flick

Durango is the capital of the Mexican state of Durango. The city was founded on July 8, 1563 by explorer Francisco de Ibarra. The city of Durango has a semi-arid climate. The climate is temperate in the west (highlands).

The architecture of the city of Durango is characterized by an eclectic nature, with elements similar to the cities of Barcelona, Florence, Paris and Madrid. The Spanish and French influences increased after the declaration of independence in the early nineteenth century, though the academic style persisted until the first decades of the twentieth century.


The city of Durango attracts nearly a million visitors each summer, many tourists come here during the National Festival – Feria Nacional De Durango – held for the first time in 1929. This is the most important festival in the history of the state and of the city itself, which celebrates the anniversary of the creation of the city of Durango.

Durango offers also various cultural venues to host events such as conferences, concerts, theater, and more. These locations include the Ricardo Castro Theatre and the Mendoza Mercedes Auditorium.

Beautiful church in Durango

Beautiful church in Durango ©Rodriguez de Alba/Flick

The city of Durango hosts a variety of museums, including the Regional Museum of Durango, The Ganot-Peschard Archaeological Museum, the Guillermo Ceniceros Museum of Modern Art, the Angel Zagarra Museum of Contemporary Art Museum, the Thematic Movie Museum, the Durango Revolution Museum, the Museum of Sacred Art and a museum designed for children: El Bebeleche-Museo Interactivo.

The rich history of the city transforms it in a special holiday place with an endless variety of activities and attractions.

Durango has many first class restaurants. The food is delicious, most of the dishes including local products.

Transportation in Durango

In the city there several bus lines are available. You will find taxis and car rental opportunities. Durango is a small, it can be easily visited on foot or by bike.

Train in Durango

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Accommodation facilities in Durango

Among the many existing hotels in Durango we mention: Durango Hometown Hostel, Best Western Durango Inn & Suites, Comfort Inn & Suites, General Palmer Hotel, Holiday Inn, Rochester Hotel, Strater Hotel, Doubletree Hotel, Jarvis Suite Hotel, Abbey Inn.

Shopping in Durango

The city of Durango has numerous shops and boutiques that offer a variety of products. Paseo Durango is the largest mall in the city, it offers shops and restaurants, a cinema, banking services and various recreational activities. The Main Market Square of the city, Mercado de Abastos Francisco Villa is situated on the south side of the city, and has shops selling a wide selection of products. Mercado Gomez Palacio is the oldest square in the city, which dates back for over 200 years and continue to sell typical organic products.


The city of Durango

The city of Durango ©eadmund42/Flick

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