Tourist guide to Ensenada

The city of Ensenada

The city of Ensenada ©peptic_ulcer/Flick

Ensenada is the largest city in Baja California, Mexico. Ensenada is an important commercial center and port. The city is also the a navy base, a military base and a military airfield, which functions as an airport of entry into Mexico. The city is backed by small mountain ranges.

Due to its location, the weather tends to be mild, sunny and dry throughout the year. A cold Pacific current keeps the temperatures lower in the summer with an average maximum of 24 °C for June, July and August. The coldest days are in winter. Although the winter season is characterized by frequent showers, the area is prone to prolonged droughts.

Tourists who visit Ensenada can enjoy the Estero and the Mona Lisa beaches. The Ensenada area has many famous surfing spots such as the San Miguel Beach, the California Trailer Park, the Stacks. Tourists can also taste the wine harvest in Ensenada. Baja California offers excellent opportunities for experienced divers and fishermen. The lakes in this area are an important place for whales, especially gray whales and whale watching is a great pleasure for the tourists.

Walkway in Ensenada

Walkway in Ensenada ©aarmono/fLICK

Ensenada is a city full of cheap gastronomic attractions. You can serve everything from sandwiches to authentic Mexican food.

Transport in Ensenada

Most of the attractions in downtown Ensenada can be accessed on foot. The Costero Boulevard and the Highway can be visited by bike. In the city is extremely easy to navigate by car, and parking is available for free. You can rent a car at the Hotel Rosearito. Taxis are available and will take you anywhere you want. Route taxis serve most of the suburban areas and are very useful for tourists, being very cheap ($ 0.75)

The port of Ensenada

The port of Ensenada ©tj scenes/Flick

Accommodation facilities in Ensenada

Among the accommodation possibilities we recommend the hotels that follows. The El Coral is a hotel with clean rooms, bathroom for every room and it is located near the center. We mention the Playa Trailer Saldamando and the campground located at 8 km in the north of Ensenada, a property fenced to enhance security. The campsites here as well as the facilities are kept clean: showers, toilets, etc.. The Ensenada Backpacker Guesthouse offers collective dormitories, for a place you have to pay $15/night. In Hotel Las Rosas you can rent a room for $80.

The city of Ensenada

The city of Ensenada ©peptic_ulcer/Flick

Shopping in Ensenada

On the streets of Ensenada you will find stalls selling cheap regional art objects. In town you will find markets, shops and supermarkets. If you want to see a movie and the Spanish subtitle doesn’t bother you, go to a movie theater, you will pay about $ 5 to watch one.


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