Tourist guide to Ixtapa

Serenade on the beach of Playa Las Gatas in Ixtapa

Playa Las Gatas in Ixtapa ©RussBowling/Flick

Ixtapa is a town located on the Pacific coast. It is a wonderful retreat for families and youth alike. Being a popular port and a destination for cruise passengers, the Mexican resort of Ixtapa is located on one of the most spectacular bays of the Pacific coast and is rightly famous for its beautiful beaches.

Located at just 5 km from Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa was built in 1970 on a coconut plantation. In the recent years have been added high hotels and luxury villas, getting to be one of the most modern resorts in Mexico, with an energy and an atmosphere reminiscent of Acapulco.


With stunning beaches, tropical marine islands, two world-class golf courses, interesting diving, restaurants and a pulsating nightlife, Ixtapa is fast becoming a popular choice for tourists looking for a perfect beach holiday in Mexico.

The beaches of Ixtapa

Playa Las Gatas is a family beach, the waters are calm  here. There are beautiful areas isolated for snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as a store. On this beach you will find local suppliers of delicious products including ice cream, snacks, soft drinks and more.

Serenade on the beach of Playa Las Gatas in Ixtapa

Serenade on the beach of Playa Las Gatas in Ixtapa ©RussBowling/Flick

Playa La Ropa in Ixtapa is one of the largest and most breathtaking beaches of Ixtapa. This beach is full of restaurants and palm trees. Here you can also swim with dolphins. These adorable miracles will swim and will play along with you in the water. This interactive program is a wonderful opportunity for families.

If you want to see corals up close, or to swim along the tropical fish, go to Ixtapa Divers where you will receive excellent training. On the other hand, you can enroll in a Kayak Tour course. In this special tour you will discover the different agricultural areas and charming villages. This ecological tour offers the chance to see some great birds and plants. It will also lead through mangrove channels and wetlands. The best part is that you get to experience five distinct ecological zones.

The city of Ixtapa in Mexico

The city of Ixtapa in Mexico ©Jake Putnam/Flick

Having fun in Ixtapa

The Seafood dishes are an attraction of the area. The restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes. Drinks and music will help you relax. Most nightclubs are located in Ixtapa along the boulevard and offers an atmosphere and music for all tastes.

You can also visit the Museo de Arqueológica in Ixtapa, where you can see a fabulous collection of treasures, history and culture. The museum has a wide variety of ceramic and interesting relics.

Having fun in Ixtapa

Having fun in Ixtapa ©RussBowling/Flick


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