Tourist guide to Mexico

Archeological site in Mexico

Archeological site in Mexico ©Michi_Rishi/Flick

Mexico is a beautiful and diverse country with many things to offer to its visitors, whether you go to visit local beaches famous for its hospitality and beauty or historical cities from the period before the Spanish colonization. You will find here many archaeological sites rich in Mayan, Olmec, Aztec and Tarascan culture.

There are plenty of national parks that covers the land from the desert to the mountain forests.

Even if you just want to visit one of the modern cities, you can be sure that you will have fun.

Today we would like to offer a brief tourist guide of Mexico including the most important thing you should know before visiting it.

The Mexican Flag ©alvaro_qc

The Mexican Flag ©alvaro_qc/Flick

The past living on

The past of the country seems to live together with its present. In Mexico City the Square of the Three Cultures celebrates the three cultures that influenced Mexico: the Aztec ruins, the colonial church of San Diego and a few buildings from the late twentieth century. Even the dead are celebrated at least once a year on the Day of the Dead, when the livings bring gifts to the loved ones who are no longer with them and spend the night in their company remembering the old times.

The importance of friends and family

If you consider visiting Mexico, you should know that Mexicans passionately love leisure time and discussions and work will never have the importance that friends and family have. The mother is considered the life-giving and is honored and respected, and children of the locals or of the visitors are blessed.

Friendship and relationships is the most important thing for Mexicans besides religion. If you are friend with a Mexican, you will be automatically part of the family. Most inhabitants are Catholics and especially the ones living outside the big cities are very conservative.

Mexican family

Mexican family ©[?]/Flick

Mexican habits

Our tourist guide to Mexico must include some general habits as well. Smoking is generally allowed, except for places where is a sign prohibiting smoking. The Mexicans have a more relaxed perception of time, so do not mind if they are 15 minutes late from an appointment. But if the delay is transformed into half an hour, then it’s time to draw their attention.


If you visit Mexico do not feel offended by the nickname “Guero” (blond) or the diminutive “guerito” (blondie), it is a common way for Mexicans to call all white people. You will also hear “gringo” and “gabacho” regardless of nationality. Sometimes there are terms that symbolize affection.

Visiting Mexico

Mexico is a pleasant destination during the whole year, but the best time to visit is between October and May. From May to September can be a little wet, especially in the south and between December and February the temperatures can be around 0°C. The most crowded travel period is the week before Easter (Semana Santa) and during the winter holidays.

Archeological site in Mexico

Archeological site in Mexico ©Michi_Rishi/Flick

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