Tourist guide to the city of Monterrey

Monterrey at night

Monterrey at night @shardin1n/Flick

Monterrey is the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico. This is the second most important city in Mexico and offers a wide range of leisure options. Undoubtedly, Monterrey is seen by the residents of  Mexico as a continuously growing, safe and modern place.

To get to Monterrey, search for a flight to General Mariano Escobedo International Airport. Located at about 15 km in the northeast of the city of Monterrey, the Airport is located near the Highway 54. Public transportation serves the Monterrey Airport and provides the transfer to the city. Traveling by taxi is as popular and not too expensive.

Fun places in Monterrey

In Monterrey, tourist attractions are literally everywhere. Families can enjoy the water park on the Sesame Street. The Parque Plaza Sesamo is a great way to have fun on a hot day. The Magic Forest Amusement Park is just as popular as the latter. The Monterrey Zoo is always very attractive. Other attractions include the shows at the Monterrey Planetarium, a number of recreational activities at Parque Nacional Cumbres and plenty of dining opportunities in the Gran Plaza.

Kids in Monterrey

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Architectural attractions

The magnificent buildings in the city of Monterrey include the Antiguo Palacio Federal, which boasts strong Art Deco influences, the Metropolitan Cathedral, which dates from the eighteenth century and dominates the area with its bold architecture and the twin towers, the Faro de Comercio, one of the highest and the most famous landmarks in Monterrey, the Governor’s Palace with a neo-classical facade and with an essential role for many main festivities of the city.

Palacio de Monterrey

Palacio de Monterrey @Habladorcito/Flick

The best museums of the city

Various museums in Monterrey offer a wide range of information on different topics. The Centro Cultural Alfa Museo y Planetario offers a number of scientific and astronomical information, the Museo de Historia Mexicana is a good place to learn more about the country. The present a great interest the many exhibits and works of art presented at the Museum of Glass in Monterrey (Museo del Vidrio), at the Arts Center (Centro Cultural Arte) and at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – Marco), where can be enjoyed many stylish modern paintings and sculptures.

Attractions near Monterrey

Many interesting tourist attractions are near Monterrey and are best to be visited with your own vehicle as some are less accessible with bus. Near Monterrey is the Grutas Garcia, the Huasteca Canyon and the Cola Waterfall, which are also great places for photography. La Boca offers many recreational activities such as windsurfing and fishing.

Monterrey at night

Monterrey at night @shardin1n/Flick


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