Transportation and accommodation options in Monterrey

The city of Monterrey

The city of Monterrey @jesagur/Flick

The climate in the Mexican city of Monterrey is often described as subtropical, arid and humid, with warm weather all year round. Influenced by the surrounding mountains, canyons and forests, the climate slightly varies from month to month, season to season, with gradual temperature changes.

The average temperatures during the day are usually well above 20°C. In June, July and August the temperatures are around 38°C. During the winter months, from December to February, temperatures drop quickly to below 10°C. The rainy weather in Monterrey prevails usually in May and September.


Spring is probably the best season to visit Monterrey: warm temperatures and low precipitation level.

Transportation options

Regarding transportation in Monterrey, buses are are highly popular among locals and are frequently used, as they travel almost everywhere in the city.

The underground transport network in Monterrey offers a sensitive and simple way of travel in the city. Line 1 is moving on the east- west direction on the north side of Monterrey, offering beautiful views along the way. Line 2 is moving on the north- south direction and passes through Mier Padre (Zona Rosa) and Zaragoza (Gran Plaza). The subway operates between 5:00 and midnight every day.

The city of Monterrey

The city of Monterrey @jesagur/Flick

Taxis are the easiest and most popular transport option in Monterrey. They can be found near the Monterrey Airport and in busstations. Taxis can be expensive and you should negotiate the fare.

Accommodation facilities

You don’t need to search or to spend too much money to find a decent accommodation place in Monterrey. Cheap hotels vary widely in quality and many are located in the region of the Monterrey bus station. Although this area is not the most attractive part of Monterrey, the hotels here are suitable for those looking for a bargain.

Typical architecture in Monterrey

Typical architecture in Monterrey @NightRStar/Flick

In weekends you can almost not find any accommodation option in Monterrey, several hotels are reducing costs on Friday and Saturday nights. If possible, choose between those hotels, which are located away from busy and noisy streets.

On the east side of Central Monterrey and in the attractive area of Madero, Villas Parque Fundidora is a youth hostel with some of the cheapest accommodation costs in the city. Madero is a lively area of Monterrey, well connected to the rest of the city by subway and bus.

Monterrey and surroundings

Monterrey and surroundings @juliet_earth/Flick

For luxury hotels, Zona Rosa is one of the best places. The accommodation in this part of Monterrey is never far from a restaurant, cafe or bar. Great brand hotels are scattered in downtown Monterrey – Radisson and Sheraton are just two of them.


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