Tulum’s Eco Park

Tulum ©cancun.eu

Tulum ©cancun.eu

The LabnaHa Cenotes is one of the nature and wildlife areas and attraction in Tulum. It is better known as the Magic Mayan World for the Labnaha people and offers great activites for older children and families. It is a subterranean world which is sacred in the Mayan culture and gives an magical experience. Descending on a zip line and enter a fascinating dry cave. Here you can see a really spectacular dry cave traverse. You are also recommended to try the snorkel tour in the Cenotes which give a refreshing once a lifetime experience. It is strictly no mass tourism since it will impact the eco system negatively. Small groups  in the Labnaha is the best led by professional and trained guides along the eco paths. You can see the theme paths with names of the local fauna and flora in the park itself, explanations are also provided. In protection of the endangered animals and trees due to ecological changes in the Riviera Maya, what you paid for as entrance fees does help them a lot. Just forty-five minutes from Playa del Carmen, you can enjoy all three activities in the Magic Mayan Park. Ask for the Sacred Lakes Snorkel tour in Cenote Labnaha or Cenote swimming. You can rent the snorkel equipment and live jackets too.

Homossasa River

Magic Mayan Cave ©cenotedive.com

Magic Mayan Cave

Not too far from the Gulf of Mexico is a peaceful old style river with lots of manatees and small fishes. It is not too deep and is it advisable to troll slowly. On the East end is a park right up at the springs. If you would like to water out to the open, the Gulf is on the west end of the river. You can also take the River Safari airboat ride. It is a nice ride through the saltwater marsh. You get to go to the Gulf of Mexico’s inner islands as well. This is a place that is really meant for kayakers. For a leisure pontoon tours down the Homosassa River seeing the wildlife, or airboat rides, this is an experience. In case you are looking places to do shopping, you can find pottery gift shops, jewelry gift shops where the gifts are made by their local artisans. Gourmet lovers will enjoy the freshly baked goods at the deli. The 1.5 hours of educational tour led the children and introduce to them the local birds, corals and dolphins kept the children entertain.

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