Visiting the beautiful Mexico City

Tall buildings in Ciudad de Mexico

Ciudad de Mexico ©chucka_nc/Flick

Ciudad de Mexico is the capital of Mexico and it is politically, culturally, educationally and financially the most important city in the country. The population of Mexico is more than 8.8 million people.

Mexico City has an area of 1485 square km. The city was founded by people called Mexica in the past, who were later known as the Aztecs. The old city was called Tenochtitlan and the languages ​​spoken by the Mexica tribe was the Nahuatl. They migrated to the area where today is Ciudad de Mexico in the Valley of Mexico.

The history of Ciudad de Mexico

There are many legends of the formation of beautiful Mexico City, but one thing is certain: the Aztecs were the first who settled here. After the Spanish leader, Hernan Cortes defeated them, the language spoken in the region became the Spanish. Acording to the old documents Cortés first saw Tenochtitlán on the 5th of November in 1519. When the Spaniards came the city was completely destroyed because the wanted to exterminate the Aztecs and also because the new system could not be imposed in a place with Aztec settlements. The city was then rebuilt by the Spanish.

Aztec calendar

Aztec calendar ©Michael McCarty/Flick

The modern metropolis

Currently the city is a true metropolis even though Mexico is not among the richest countries in the world. Mexico City has tall buildings, the tourism is well promoted both in the country and abroad, it offers many jobs for those seeking a better life in the capital, has many efficient companies and an impressive culture presented by the museums and cultural centers. The shopping level in Mexico City is high, the most popular objects being the handmade souvenirs. We know that manual labor in Mexico is quite cheap therefor the souvenirs have an attractive price. Many foreigners remain loyal to the jewelery made by Mexican artisans, the technology and the opportunities today making its export more easily possible than in the past.

Tall buildings in Ciud

Tall buildings in Ciudad de Mexico ©chucka_nc/Flick

The location of the City of Mexico

Ciudad de Mexico is located in the Valley of Mexico also known as the Basin of Mexico. This valley is the highest volcanic plateau of Mexico, which has a minimum altitude of 2200 m. Mexico City is therefore a volcanic area therefor it is very good for agriculture. Despite the risks, the city receives very many tourists every year.

Mexico City from above

Mexico City from above ©eeliuth/Flick

The weather of the capital city

The climate in Mexico City is subtropical. The part in the valley has less precipitation compared to higher areas where in plentiful rain and snow. There are also arid regions such as the Gustavo A. Madero region.

When planning your vacation in Mexico, you have to be careful that there is no cyclone warning because they are very dangerous and should be avoided. Fortunately, Mexico has anti-cyclone system that works optimally, limiting disasters.

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